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Choosing A Diamond Promise Ring For Your Girlfriend

Updated on January 23, 2011

A promise ring is a pre-engagement ring. It signifies that the two lovers are in a mutually exclusive relationship and that they are both intending to be engaged and then married, but are not ready to take the next step of actual engagement. My boyfriend recently gave me a promise ring. The joke is that it's a commitment ring - as in he commits to buy a larger one some day. I love my ring. It's small and petite but it's meaning is huge.

Diamond promise rings for girlfriend are a beautiful way for a man to show that she is the only one for him and that he has made a commitment, intending to spend his future with her.

Diamond promise rings are not intended to be expensive. While he is saving money to purchase a larger diamond for her actual engagement ring, a promise ring can be much simpler, and not quite as costly. A fair price for a promise ring being between $50 and $200 while an engagement ring such as a beautiful princess cut engagement ring will cost at least $600+

Affordable Diamond Promise Rings For Your Girlfriend

Types Of Promise Ring Settings

There are generally no rules when it comes to promise rings except to keep it simple.

One common theme is the two hearts diamond promise ring. This is the traditionally accepted ring for young lovers. But,yellow gold and white gold promise ring are not limited to this setting. Another familiar style is the solitaire diamond in the slightly curved band setting. Increasing in popularity are two toned bands. These are a combination of white gold and yellow gold. In the right setting, these are quite lovely.

While an engagement ring band is generally made in 14k or 18k gold, the promise ring for girlfriends is most often found in the more affordable 10k. The karats representing the amount of gold mixed with other elements to create the band.

The Promise Ring Finger

To avoid mistaking for an engagement ring, diamond promise rings are generally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This is also the 3rd finger, or middle finger. Some however may feel that it still, may be mistaken for being what it is not and therefore, it is also perfectly acceptable to choose to wear the commitment ring on the right hand.

The Diamond Heart Promise Rings

There are beautiful promise rings with diamonds, and then there are the heart promise rings. The reason heart promise rings are so popular is because there is no mistaking this as an engagement or wedding ring. Yet, they still show their beauty and your adornment for your girlfriend.

White Gold Two Hearts Diamond Promise Ring

Diamond promise ring for girlfriend
Diamond promise ring for girlfriend

Heart Shaped Diamond Promise Ring

Diamond Heart Promise Ring

Mens Promise Rings

Promise rings aren't just for women. A man can also enjoy wearing a band signifing that his love wants to only be with him. While they are much less common the the ladies promise ring, they are still a welcomed gift for men that are comfortable with jewelry.

In the event that he wants one, but does not want to wear it on his finger, there are no rules to say that he can not wear it on his neck attached to a white or yellow gold chain.

Best though to ask first before expecting him to wear it. Know that regardless, he will keep it close to him if he does receive a mens promise ring.


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