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Diamond Solitaire Necklace

Updated on August 3, 2013

Diamond Solitaire Pendants and Jewelry

Looking for a beautiful diamond solitaire necklace for the women in your life? You can find the best ones showcased right here.

Diamonds really are a girl's best friend and these necklaces are sure to please any women this Valentine's Day, Christmas, Anniversary or even on their birthday. Choose from sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and platinum. There is sure to be one to suit every budget, whether you want to spend less than $100 or more than $1000. I have some cubic zirconias in my jewelry box but I am secretly hoping that I get a real diamond one this Christmas. Cubic zirconias are okay but they do not sparkle or look as stunning as the real thing.

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The price will depend on :-

The type of metal you want (silver, gold, platinum)

The number of carats of gold

The size and carats of the diamond

Whether there is a sale or not (shop around Black Friday for great discounts)

What type are you looking for?

Which of the following would you prefer

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Diamond Solitaire Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sterling silver necklaces for women are both fashionable and affordable. They make a cheap, inexpensive gift which will be appreciated by the receiver. Below you can find some silver jewelry.

1/7 Carat Diamond Solitaire Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver
10K Yellow GoldBUY NOW

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant 0.05 caratBUY NOW

Sterling Silver Disc Pendant NecklaceBUY NOW

Diamond Solitaire Necklace in White Gold

White gold diamond solitaire necklaces are great gift ideas for women who wear white gold, silver and platinum jewelry. They make a quality gift for the women you love.

Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace 1/20 Carat (ctw) in 10K White Gold with ChainBUY NOW

14K White Gold Flower Solitaire Diamond Pendant NecklaceBUY NOW

18K White Gold Butterfly Diamond Solitaire Pendant With 925 Sterling Silver Chain BUY NOW

1/4 CT Champagne 14K Gold Pendant

If you would like a different colored diamond you can opt for something like this champagne one.

Will you be buying one of these luxury pieces of jewelry for your loved one?

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