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Diamonds Are Forever - Diamonds The Love Affair Continues

Updated on December 11, 2012

A Fashion Obsession That Lives On..

We have all heard the cliché about diamonds being everlasting and forever. Their allure has withstood the test of time, trends, generations and preferences. No matter where you go you will find a booming diamond market with women feeling incomplete without their diamonds.

It is a status symbol like no other. The bling factor, the sparkle of a solitaire and the power it exudes is unmatched. It is truly fascinating that an entire population of people are gaga over, what essential is, a rock.

So how did this rock and others like it gain such eminence in our society?

Well, the earliest mentions of diamonds are from the early ages when diamonds were either used for decorative purposes or for warding off evil.

The Dark Ages saw diamonds being used as a medical aid; one which obviously didn't prove to be very effective. It wasn't until the Middle Ages that diamonds gained in popularity;so much so that miners would spread rumors of them being poisonous in order to prevent miners from swallowing them as a means of smuggling.

The discovery of large, fantastic diamonds, such as the Hope diamond and Koh-I-Noor garnered further attention towards these stones.

Diamonds are Women's Best Friend

The discovery of diamond mines in South Africa and other countries in the mid-nineteenth century resulted in a diamond rush and since then we have not looked back. In spite of the controversy surrounding conflict and blood diamonds, their demand has not subsided and women around the world guard their most prized possessions aggressively.

Diamond Photo Gallery

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Top 10 diamond producing countries

  1. Russia
  2. Botswana
  3. Congo (Demo. Rep.)
  4. Australia
  5. South Africa
  6. Canada
  7. Angola
  8. Namibia
  9. Ghana
  10. Brazil

The Diamond Psyche

Whether you're in the Diamond district in Manhattan, or the Tiffany's store in Toronto or the line of jewelry stores in Jaipur, India the lure of diamonds will be evident. The most fascinating things about diamonds is how they have retained their importance and been entrenched in the psyche of people, as well as the social fabric. Diamond producers and retailer giants such as DeBeers needed to ensure that diamonds did not just become a fleeting trend such as pearls or coral, so they participated in the process of creating a mass mentality in which diamonds became an integral part of courtship and marriage.

Some of the intriguing ways they did this were

  1. Romanticizing diamonds: The goal was to link diamonds with love, romance, courtship and relationships, and one of the avenues used were motion pictures. Hollywood started showing men picking out diamond jewelry for their romantic partners and film stars were shown wearing thousands of dollars-worth of diamonds.
  2. Reinforcing the message: Magazines and newspapers published stories and pictures of film stars and renowned personalities gifting diamonds to their loved ones and fashion designers came on the radio to talk about the allure of diamonds. Even lecturers were hired to tour high schools and deliver this message to young girls all across the US.
  3. Positioning it as a status symbol and for everyone, not just the elite. It was even regarded as a milestone of your social-economic achievement.
  4. Linking diamonds with basic human wants of comfort, nature, support, love, companionship, passion and contentment. The advertisement campaign would evoke all these emotions and needs, and try to show a diamond as being able to fulfill these needs.

Prime Gesture

Thus aggressive advertising and PR efforts aimed that ensuring that diamond prices sky-rocket and it remains a luxurious luxury were very successful. To this day, even in remote parts of the world an engagement or wedding means diamonds and it is still celebrated as the prime gesture of one's love.

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