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14k White Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 7.25"

Updated on April 3, 2012

The Topaz and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Why The 14k White Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Tennis Bracelet, 7.25" is regarded as the best Wedding or Anniversary Jewellery Gift.......

One of these days I am going to have to get creative with my gift choices especially when it comes to my other half. When it comes to my 3 boys I have more of an idea what kind of things they would like as a gift, after all I was once a boy and know the type of things that at the very least leave a boy satisfied.

When it comes to the women in my life however I just don’t seem to be the gift whiz that I like to think I am on my boy’s birthdays. Anyway I seem to have the most success with jewelry (I just rotate between gift sets, earrings, pendants and bracelets) and of the 3 gifts I purchased for my wife this Valentines only one seems to a favorite of hers. I am referring to the 14k white gold blue topaz and diamond bracelet I purchased from Amazon.

Faceted rounds of vibrant blue topaz alternate with diamond accents in this eye-catching bracelet, made from radiant 14 karat white gold. The mesmerizing color of blue topaz calls up images of blue summer skies or clear mountain lakes. No wonder it's so easy on the eyes. This gorgeous bracelet measures 7 and 1/4 inches long and fastens with a simple and secure lobster-claw clasp.

Since, I know there are other guys out there as clueless as me I decided to write this review to let you know about a great gift you won’t regret purchasing. (Unless you live in Bellefonte, Delaware... that’s right all 1400 of you out there as my wife enjoys having a unique piece of jewelry that stands out)

Before purchasing this bracelet I almost never bought jewellery online since you truly can't tell what you're getting but I was more than pleased with this! It really has a glow and while I am not a man who cares for the specifics of jewelry (if it looks good then what else matters. Right Guys?) But will provide it for the rest of you who need this to make a purchase.

The specifics for the 14k white gold blue topaz and diamond bracelet is;

  • Metal Stamp: 14k
  • Metal: white gold
  • Gem Type: topaz, diamond
  • Blue Topaz info: color IJ, clarity I1 - I2, cut good cut.
  • Diamond info: color IJ, clarity I1 – I2, carat 0.06, good cut.

So if you are considering to buy a gift that comes highly recommended by almost all who have purchased it and one that will make you gain some favour with your better spouse (for men) or if you would just like a bracelet that stands out as unique and elegant for yourself (for women), for a friend or family member then look no further than the 14k white gold topaz and diamond tennis bracelet you can purchase from Amazon.

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