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Dickies Men's Leather Belt - an Inexpensive Genuine Leather Belt

Updated on October 9, 2014

When I bought the Dickies Men's Leather Belt with Two-Row Stitch, I found a belt that I can wear all day, every day for years to come. This, for a very reasonable price for an extremely durable and good looking belt.

I'm an admitted cheapskate. I doubt I've ever spent more than $20 for a belt. My routine is to find a cheap leather belt on the rack at the local mass merchant. They all look really nice when you first buy them, so I have little incentive to spend a wad of cash on a recognizable brand name.

Three to six months later, when I'm out shopping for a cheap new belt to replace the last one, I begin to feel the frustration of owning cheap merchandise - just not enough frustration to bring me to spend more on a better one.

I bought my Dickies Leather Belt in September of 2012. As I write this review, the belt is more than a year old. Outside of the little bend where the buckle latches through the hole when I'm wearing the belt, this thing still appears brand new. It barely shows any wear.

Keep in mind, that I only have one belt. I don't accessorize colors or styles. Whether I'm wearing jeans or slacks, I wear this one belt all day, every day, so it gets a whole lot of use.

I would have to admit, that this isn't a dress belt. If I were in a really nice dress suit, I would probably get belt that was a bit narrower and with beveled edges that would present a classier look. This Dickies belt, at 38 millimeters, is a little bit wider than many belts, and it has a rugged, casual appearance.

I'm not sure what the stitching is for. It must be for looks, because there is nothing to hold together. The belt is one solid strap of leather. It isn't leather layered over a synthetic material or bonded like many cheap leather look belts. Fortunately, the stitching is done with a very durable thread. I can't find one single stitch that has begun to fray or separate. It is all as solid and intact as the day I bought the belt.

Genuine Leather Explained

The Dickies belt is made from genuine leather. This isn't the highest grade of leather, but it is all leather. It's a very durable and nice looking grade of leather.

Many cheaper belts utilize bonded leather, which is a thin coating of leather over a synthetic material. It looks very nice when new, but with use, it quickly loses its luster. The photo, above, is my previous belt. This is how it looked after only a few months of wear.

Watch the video, below, which clearly describes the various grades of leather.

After my experience with the Dickie's, belt, I feel like I know a bit more about selecting a good belt. I would definitely buy another one similar to what I have now, but I also wouldn't be afraid to try one of the following selection. These belts are all very similar in quality and construction to the one that I currently wear. They are also reasonably priced, much like the Dickie's belt.

BS-40 Men's Vintage Style Full Grain Leather 1-1/2" Wide Belt Strap (Tan, 42)
BS-40 Men's Vintage Style Full Grain Leather 1-1/2" Wide Belt Strap (Tan, 42)

This belt has snaps, so you can use your own buckle, if you wish.

Dockers Men's 1 1/2 In. Leather Bridle Belt,Brown,36
Dockers Men's 1 1/2 In. Leather Bridle Belt,Brown,36

People who have purchased this belt recommend that you order one size up from your pant size.

Carhartt Men's Anvil Belt,Black,38
Carhartt Men's Anvil Belt,Black,38

This belt is made from high quality full grain bridle leather.


Update 7/7/14 - I've been wearing this belt for nearly 2 years, now.  The leather, structurally, is completely intact.  There are no tears nor any damage to the leather, that I can visibly see, outside of the bend where I buckle the belt all the time.

The stitching continues to hold up.  There is not one single stitch that has begun to fray or break.

The surface of the leather is getting rather worn looking.  It doesn't look bad.  It just doesn't have the slick finish on the surface of the belt that it had when it was new. It's actually a classy weathered look that is perfectly fine for casual wear.

Would I ever buy another Dickies men's leather belt?  Sure, but at this rate, I may not ever need to.  I guess, I can at least say that I would recommend it to my friends.

Please share your experience with inexpensive leather belts.

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      lucille12 2 years ago

      There are a lot of belt rack products out there that make big claims about being the best area saver.