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How To Sew Different Scarf Styles For Women | Make Shawls From Fabric For Neck

Updated on January 19, 2013

How To Make A Reversible Scarf

Women can make a long reversible scarf. This is a very trendy and lovely scarf which you can use two different colors, one color on one side of the scarf fabric and the other color on the other side. This will create two different look color which you can use interchangeably.

You will need to measure the length and width of the scarf that you want to sew, or you can get a sewing pattern to make it more easier to get a proper measurement. The finished scarf should look marvelous and you should be able to knot the scarf as you fold it to wrap around your neck, so that either one side of the scarf color is showing or both.

Techniques for Sewing Reversible Scarf

How to straighten the fabric edge before cutting

Make the edge of the fabric is straight. get a hold of one of the thread in the fabric and pull it so that it comes out. Cut the edge after straightening the edge.

How To Cut Out

Make sure you measure the fabric to get the proper length and width and then cut out to get a rectangle shape. Make sure that the total rectangle shaped fabric that you cut is equal to four pieces.

How To Join The Rectangle Fabric Pieces

Join the width ends of two of the rectangle pieces of fabric together with the right sides facing each ends. Tack and stitch them together. Do the same for the other remaining two rectangle fabric pieces.

How To Make A Reversible Scarf

With right sides of the rectangle fabric facing, tack and stitch them together around the edge. Turn the scarf with right side out after trimming Using slip stitch method, close the opening and press seams.

How To Make a Hem Scarf

You will need a silk fabric to make this beautiful hemmed scarf. You will have to use hand roll method on the hem to produce a neat edge for the silk scarf. Most of the hem scarves can be use as a decorative fashion style around women hips or waist.

Sewing Techniques For Hem Scarf

Using Hand-roll for the hem

Using a cool iron press the silk fabric on the wrong side after you have folded it. Make sure you secure the thread on the turning and fold it again on the wrong side with your hand. Use slip stitch technique on the hem as you fold the raw edges in and sew.

How To Make A Wrap Scarf

You can make your own stunning wrap scarves which you can team with your evening party dress. Moreover, with the trendy styles of women scarves all over the market, you can keep yourself warm and comfortable especially when the weather is chilly or cold. The best fabric to use for this kind of scarf making is silk or velvet. This type of fabric usually drape well and they are mostly used to make evening wear or party outfits.

You can decide to make this scarf a large one if you want to be using it as part of your formal fashion accessories. You can decide on any color, length and color of thread to use in sewing it. all you are looking for is to create a glamorous looking wrap scarf that you will love to wear.

Techniques For Sewing Wrap Scarf

You will have to measure and cut out two rectangles of fabric pieces. Follow the same steps in sewing reversible scarf above.


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