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Different Types Of Velvet Fabric Used In Making Clothing

Updated on August 31, 2014

Velvet Fabric For Dressmaking

Velvet has been used for the making of clothes for many centuries. It is mostly used in the making of bridal wear and evening dresses. Velvet is a very unique fabric with its lustrous and soft rich texture.

A dressmaker can use velvet to sew any kind of clothing style, but the most popular ones are the clothes that will have little or no darts and seams.

It is worthy of note that if you are making clothing with velvet that will require the use of buttons or top stitching, you should know that this can pose a little difficult because of the velvet weave. With velvet, the dressmaker should follow the instructions on the sewing patterns for any velvet of her choice. Sewing with velvet is not the same way as with sewing normal cotton.

There are a variety of velvet that one should learn to know, so that you can make the right choice in selecting the perfect velvet design for your clothing style. There are devore velvet, crushed velvet, plain velvet, velveteen, embossed and hammered velvet.

Kinds Of Velvet For Different Wear

Devore Velvet

Many evening dresses, over shirts and scarves are made with devore velvet. At the moment, devore velvet is very popular and fashionable. This type of velvet has a kind of sheer background with part of velevt on some specific areas of the pattern.

Crushed Velvet

As the name suggest, crushed velvet are usually pressed down all over the fabric, therefore creating an effect with lustrous appearance. You can make a beautiful fitted jacket with crushed velvet.


Plain Velvet : Silk Velvet, Cotton Velvet and Viscose Velvet

Plain velvet is further divided into other sub velvet category. Under this plain velvet, you can find, silk velvet, which is a kind of velvet that is more shiny and soft than the cotton velvet. Silk velvet cost more. You can use viscose velvet in place of silk velvet as they are more in common in quality than the cotton velvet. Cotton velvet can be used for any occasion wear.


Velveteen are made of cotton, and is more heavy and may not drape. This type of fabric cannot wear and tear easily. You can find many clothing styles such as, kids clothes, dresses, trousers and skirts that are made with velveteen fabric.

Embossed Velvet

Embossed velvet are made by stamping designs on them. You can find any kind of designs especially flowers on this kind of velvet.

Hammered Velvet

Hammered velvet is like crushed velvet but it is in a semi crushed form. It has a bit of dapple and lustrrous appearance.

The Care Of Velvet Fabric

  • You should try to dry clean silk and cotton velvet. Use either washing machine or dry cleaning for velveteen, and make sure you always turn the garment inside out before you wash them.
  • Do not fold velvet and leave them for a long period of time, as they may start getting damage from the crease area.
  • You can press any velvet fabric from the wrong side or use a needle board

Other Types Of Fashion Clothing Styles


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