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Choose a Dinosaur Backpack - Raah!

Updated on April 17, 2013

For Little Kids and Big Kids

Looking for a dinosaur backpack? We've got lots of cute and bright dino backpacks for little kids and scary and cool dinosaur backpacks for big kids. From Go Diego Go! to DinoGear backpacks that match Dinosoles shoes.

I am Mum to two mini paleontologists and anything that gets them to carry their own stuff is a great idea in my book! My older son is 6 now and he's actually able to help carrying supplies for a day out. As I update this page, we've just returned from a Natural History Museum visit which was awesome (lots of fossils and bones!) and he carried his own notebook and pencils for recording what we saw and also his share of the packed lunch.

Image: Skip Hop Zoo Packs Little Kid Backpacks, Dinosaur

For Little Kids

Go Diego Go! - Toddlers and Little Kids

Go Diego Go! is a big favorite in our house and my kids love to rescue dinosaurs, this is the perfect backpack for a prehistoric rescue mission! Comes in medium and small sizes.

Go Diego Go Small Backpack Blue/Yellow
Go Diego Go Small Backpack Blue/Yellow

You can choose a regular backpack design with Diego and dinosaurs.

Nick Jr. Go Diego Go 12" Toddler Rolling Backpack - Dinosaur
Nick Jr. Go Diego Go 12" Toddler Rolling Backpack - Dinosaur

Or a rolling backpack version for longer trips, or just having fun moving stuff around the house.


Plush and Cuddly - Cute for toddlers and little kids

Warning: If your kid wears one of these outside the house, you will get stopped and accused of serious cuteness ;-)

15 Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animal Little Backpack by Grindatti
15 Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animal Little Backpack by Grindatti

This Tyrannosaurus Rex is very cool for little dinosaur fans.

Dino Backpack 11" by Unipak
Dino Backpack 11" by Unipak

You get four removable stuffed toys to play with with this fun design.


Kidorable Dinosaur Backpack

@ Amazon


Very cute and they keep the rain out too. We've got the matching umbrella and my four year old loves it.

Sugar Booger "Prehistoric Pals" Kiddie Play Back Pack

@ Amazon


This cute design is great for storing kids toys and maybe a snack or two. It's designed to be child-friendly and made from non-toxic and lead-free materials.

For Big Kids

Neat-Oh ZipBin Dino Pack Playpack

@ Amazon


This Playpack is great for taking toys to Grandma's house! It looks like a T-Rex head when zipped up in wearable form, but you can also unzip it to create a prehistoric playmat for playing with toys on.

Dinosoles Dinogear

These Dinogear backpacks from Dinosoles are great for bigger kids to take to school. They have very cool designs and you can also get matching sneakers.

More Ideas - Cheap or unusual

Still not found the right choice for your child? eBay is worth a look for unusual and discontinued designs.

Do you know a kid who would like a dinosaur backpack? Or just let us know you visited.

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