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Dynamic Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Updated on June 23, 2014

Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaurs always capture the imagination of people, as they are represented by some of the most ferocious creatures to ever roam the earth, as well as some that did nothing much else than chomp away on vegetation.

That offers a wide range of options for those seeking a dinosaur as the theme for a tattoo design.

Not only do those seeking dinosaur tattoos decide on a realistic image, but many also choose to have a cartoon version of a dinosaur, which are hilarious to look at, and in some cases, include a funny line to go with it.

We'll take a look at both options below, as we see some dinosaurs in a bad mood, and others frolicking about in their in their cartoon bodies. Both look great for fans of the genre.


Awesome Dinosaur Skeleton Tattoo

An interesting aside to dinosaur tattoo choices was the large percentage of skeleton tattoo designs that were chosen, rather than flesh and blood dinosaurs.

Here is a great example of one of the best skeleton dinosaur tattoos I found. While I call it a dinosaur, and it obviously includes those traits, there is also a fantasy element to the tattoo, as seen with the inclusion of wings.

It's like seeing a t-rex of old which has wings to fly with. It's not real, but it really looks great and is a terrific idea.

After all, everyone wanting a dinosaur tattoo knows if they choose a t-rex there are going to be a lot of similarities, making it hard to differentiate. That is no problem with this tattoo, as it stands out all on its own.

T-rex Fighting Triceratops Tattoo

Here we have another iconic image of dinosaur fans, where many fantasize, and take sides on, which of the mighty beasts would triumph in a head-on battle.

For me, I've always thought the triceratops would have come out on top because of those gigantic horns, which appear to be such an awesome weapon. But you've got to hit your target to make it count, and those fierce teeth of the t-rex were a great equalizer. There will probably never be an agreement as to which of the dinosaurs would win, but I'm sure there will always be plenty of people taking sides on the issue.

All of that is to say the subject matter makes a great tattoo option, as you can see below. Not only is it a great image, but the overall picture is fantastic. The palm trees swaying behind the battling dinosaurs, along with the cloudy sky, provides a good background to the fight scene.


Stegosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo

After those ferocious dinosaur tattoo designs, this stegosaurus tattoo seems awfully tame and benign.

While that's true, it is really a well done tattoo, with an enormous amount of detail included in the finished product.

For someone wanting something less aggressive, this is a good option for a very recognizable dinosaur.


Hilarious T-Rex Tattoo

Now we'll get into a couple of funny dinosaur tattoo designs, starting off with this humorous t-rex wearing the top hat and monocle. This definitely is a glimpse from days gone by, at least in human terms, as far as the accessories go.

Did you notice the mostache on the t-rex? Pretty funny.

As for the rest of the design, I really like the quality of the legs and arms, even though the humor is the object of the tattoo.


Dinosaur Tattoo with Meteor

We'll finish off this gallery with a look at this dinosaur glancing at an incoming meteor, with the word "dangit" coming out of his mouth as he faces the beginning of extinction; or at least that's the theory behind the visual story.

The trailing particles of the meteor add a nice feel to the overall tattoo scene, which would attract a lot of attention because of the humorous subject matter and the look of the dinosaur.


Dinosaur Tattoos

The sample gallery of dinosaur tattoos give an accurate and insightful look into the range of options out there for those interested in getting some prehistoric ink on their body.

I like the way the tattoo designs go from ferocious and serious to cartoonish and filled with humor.

That should provide a good base to work from in the search for the dinosaur tattoo best for you and your preferences.


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    • toomuchmint profile image

      toomuchmint 5 years ago

      Interesting article. The last is definitely my favorite, though the artistic detail in the T-Rex tattoo is absolutely fantastic.