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Diwali Sale 2016

Updated on October 11, 2016

Bollywood fashion round up for Diwali

As we all know, Bollywood is filled with glitz and glamour in the reel life as well outside of it too. Diwali is a festival when herd of Bollywood stars come together to celebrate the event with full glam and style. These celebrities leave no stone unturned when it comes to dressing up for the Diwali parties and other occasions. The year 2015 was no exception too. In this article, we have highlighted the best outfits that these celebrities wore:

In this article has highlighted the best dressed men’s of the Bollywood industry. Let’s see who wins the crown

Ranveer Singh- Ranveer Singh was definitely the highlight of the event. He dressed like a perfect Rajasthani clad. The Jodhpuri pants, the embroidered kurta, the beard and the turban. Definitely he looked apart from the herd. You can buy this look from Diwali sales and offers 2016. The look was definitely enticing.

Ranbeer Kapoor- Ranbeer Kapoor aced up the Diwali look with traditional kurtas. He wore red kurta with embroidered Nehru Jacket. His look can be borrowed from mens clothes sale on Diwali.

Ajay Devgun- We all know, that Bollywood loves to celebrate Diwali both on-screen and off-screen. October is an official month of festivities and parties. It’s time for celebration with family and friends! On this auspicious day, all egos are cast aside, and the occasion is celebrated with pomp and pleasure by Bollywood divas. Last Diwali, Akshay and Twinkle invited a host of friends at their party. And there we spotted Ajay Devgun in a dress tie look. Well, the look was definitely a notch above average.

Hrithik Roshan- when the Bachchans calls, few reject their invite. There the paparazzi spotted the junior Roshan in a Pathani black look. Definitely he was looking trendy, handsome and above all picture perfect. His look generated the goose bumps among the women!Further, he paired up the look with casual slip ons. You can also buy this look from various e-commerce stores, as they offer you limitless options.

Varun Dhawan- while majority of the celebrities came with their girlfriends and wives, Varun Dhawan was an exception. At the upscale party held at Jalsa, Amitabh’s home, the Dhawan junior came with his mom. He looked dashing in silk orange kurta and white pyjama. His jooti added a different look. Truly, he looked a man of a substance!

Final words -

With all lights lit up, let’s see what our glittery stars are going to wear for this Diwali. Will it be a surprise package or something we all know traditional kurta and pyjama? For this and much more stay tuned to our blog This blog will provide you fresh updates on how to style it like your favorite Bollywood star.

Diwali Sale 2016
Diwali Sale 2016


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