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do babylips really work?

Updated on June 3, 2016

what are babylips?

Babylips are a branded lipbalm, which is currently the rage!

There are all sorts of different flavours and colours.

These lipbams are aimed at girls and are claimed to leave your lips 'baby-soft', hence the name 'babylips'.

They are no different to revos and chapstick, but they have been worked to hard on the smell, the flavours and the packaging, than the actual care they give to the lips!

have you ever tried babylips?

Yes, I have tried a babylips. I have one babylips, the strike a rose- electro.

It is more of a lipstick rather than a lipbalm.

It isn't that moisturing, in my opinion. Mine comes out a bright pink colour, so I cant wear it for school. However, there is quite a lot of product and they do last long!

Im not a great fan of them but I do like revos. If babylips made the lipbalms more moisturising I would probably use it every day!

I mean, they come in all different flavours and colours! They have brought out a new style babylips that is also a blusher too. If you can put lip balm on your cheeks, they wouldn't be that moisturising.

how to prevent the colour from the babylips

Some babylips, come out quite a bright colour, but I heard a rumour about how to prevent the colour from being bright and coming out onto your lips.

You need your lipbalm, and run it under cold water, apparently the cold water runs out most of the colour leaving just the product. It fades the actual colour of the lipbalm only a tiny bit, but its worth it as if you want to wear it for school or somewhere else. You can wear it with a faded colour look.

Personally, babylips are just like anyother lipbalm, meant not necessarily for the lip care.

However, baby lips could be improved but are still good.

do babylips moisturise?

Finally, babylips do work, they are just not as good as other. They can be improved by a great amount. They moisturise a little but will not soothe chapped lips.

Their smell and flavours are 10/10 as they smell and taste so good!

They could definitely become better and I preferred them before the blush and lip gloss came out, But they are better than nothing.

Please leave in the comments your favourite babylips and leave a rate on how you found this.


glittrgirl xoxo

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