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Do I Need Two Wedding Dresses?

Updated on March 29, 2015

A Wedding Trend on the Rise

My mother used to tell me that brides during their time prepare two dresses for their wedding - one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. It would really seem like a fairytale having to wear two sets of dresses during your happiest day. You will feel like a princess in front of your guests who will probably be enamored with the beautiful ensemble.

There are conflicting remarks regarding this custom though. While some would instantaneously go for this practice, others remain in doubt. It is definitely an appealing idea. However, when other factors come into play, it becomes unnecessary.

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Why do Women Need 2 Wedding Dresses?

There are several reasons why women would go for this trend. Some may seem shallow, but who can go against her special day? I would never contradict the bride-to-be especially when she has already made up her mind. Besides, my opinion will fall on deaf ears.

1. One Dress is not Enough

It is your special day and you can wear anything you like. You can wear as many dresses as you like. The bride is the star of the night alongside the groom. All eyes are on the couple, thus, it is best to dress to impress. A traditional design will be best for the ceremony and a shorter cocktail dress for the reception. This will allow the bride to move freely and enjoy the party.

2. The Bride Fell in Love with 2 Dresses

This is a problem that most brides have experienced. I have been to a couple of dress fittings and most of the time more than one design will charm the bride-to-be. With so many choices, she is left distraught. The solution? Wear both dresses.

3. White is not My Style

An increasing number of brides want to shy away from the traditional white gown. Even some celebrities have opted to wear non-white gowns. I am not against this trend because the wedding will all depend on the preference of the couple. But since not all people are able to accept a non-white dress, some brides are forced to choose a ceremonial white dress that will later be switched into a more vibrant one for the reception.

4. Wedding in Style

There are basically 2 parts in a wedding - the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony usually necessitates to anything traditional. Thus, it is expected that anything and everything will conform to the customs. Brides usually wear lengthy and bulky trains perfect for the ceremony that are deemed unsuitable for the reception. It would be a disaster to wear this type of design during the reception where the space is limited and people are hovering around. The solution? Wear a second dress that will be fit for the reception.

Reasons Why You Should Only Wear 1 Wedding Dress

Who wouldn't want to wear multiple dresses in one night? It is but every girls fantasy to become a princess or a doll just for one night. You can wear all the lovely clothes and flaunt it to anybody on sight. However, this comes at a price. sigh

1. Time is Limited

Changing into another dress will take precious time that can be spent with your guests and the reception itself. At an average, it will take 30 minutes to make the switch and the necessary hair adjustments & accessories replacement. Why waste much time beautifying yourself again? Wasn't the first time enough?

If you are really eager to make the switch, it is best to plan your time well. Maybe you can rehearse beforehand and set a timer to ensure that you do not go beyond the allotted schedule. Also, it would be wise to ask a person or two to help you with the switch. Having too many people around will only complicate things. Trust me on this!

2. Cost must be Considered

A second wedding dress would mean added expense. This will seem impractical considering that you would only wear the dresses hours apart. And there is no way of knowing if you will wear it again for other purposes. This is basically the main concern. Why would you divert your hard earned money into purchasing a second dress when you can use that for other wedding necessities? Seems like a valid point.

But if you are eager to wear 2 wedding dresses, then you can probably go for 2-in-1 designs. Usually, it comes with a detachable long skirt that can easily be removed before the reception. It is the most practical design to go for.

So, do you need 2 dresses for your wedding?

Yes and no. Whether you decide to go for one or a multiple, it doesn't really matter. It is your day and you deserve to make it your own. Do not let other people dictate your preferences. Of course you can get some insights but always make the final decision. The wedding is your happiest day and it should reflect you and your husband-to-be. So, decide which will fit your preferences and your budget as well.

My Choice

I will be wearing one wedding dress. I have found the perfect one for me. It is traditional with a modern twist that can be worn all throughout the wedding day. It might hinder me to move freely during the reception because of its design. But I do not care! It took me months to find this beautiful ensemble and I will not let anything and anyone stop me from wearing it all the way through. Besides, I don't think I will be able to wear it again for other purposes. So, I will take advantage over the opportunity while I still can.

The choice of wearing one or two wedding dresses was easy for me. I hope this is the case for all the brides-to-be. The preparation itself is distressing and it would be an added pain if you cannot easily decide on this particular issue.

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