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Complete Do-It-Yourself Beauty Makeover For Women

Updated on April 10, 2017

Every woman deserves to look her best and know that she is beautiful and can look good at any age, weight, or dress size.

I found a way to discover your own natural beauty profile and learn how to dress, style, and transform yourself from head to toe to feel prettier, more confident, and get noticed. Imagine that you, or any woman, could teach yourself step by step how to create your own beautiful look every day, effortlessly. From choosing the color of your clothes, the touch and movement of the fabric, the shape and cut of the dress, coat, or blouse design, the type of metal or button accents, all the way down to the shoes. All the style elements that are the most flattering and natural to your overall style.

And it's not just knowing what clothes to shop for and grab out of your closet to wear each day, it's the how-to application of your makeup and the choice of palette color to use, the cut, color, and styling of your hair, and the shape and structure of the earrings, necklaces, scarves, and other accessories you wear.

Once you learn the basics, it all comes together with such ease and you can get to the point where you don't even have to think about it. You just know exactly what to shop for, which clothes on the rack you can bypass just based on the color, pattern, or the type of fabric.

  • You'll save money, no more unworn clothes sitting in the back of your closet
  • You'll save time getting ready in the morning, no agonizing outfit decisions
  • Your face will look 10-20 years younger wearing the right colors and clothes
  • You'll feel more beautiful in whatever what shape and size you are NOW

When you are put together this way, you will instantly feel more comfortable and confident with yourself. You'll begin to carry yourself differently and get noticed by others I guarantee it, but most of all you'll feel differently on the inside and have a deeper knowing and appreciation of yourself.

This system was developed by Carol Tuttle and I've found that it really offers a very accurate assessment and gives you guidance and empowerment that allows you to finally appreciate your own unique qualities and gifts.

There are thousands of woman who are now living and dressing their truth and there's a very strong community that gathers online in private Facebook groups and also during monthly club nights livestreaming on the computer. Everyone is so supportive and inspirational plus they share a TON of shopping and styling tips that match each of the four (4) Types.

If you are at all inspired by the before and after photos I've posted here and if you can feel the energy of confidence and joy in these ladies faces, then do yourself a favor and take the first step.

Try This Do-It-Yourself Beauty Makeover And Show Off Your Before and After Look

Type 2 Makeover
Type 2 Makeover
Type 3 Makeover
Type 3 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 1 Makeover
Type 1 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 1 Makeover
Type 1 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 4 Makeover
Type 3 Makeover
Type 3 Makeover

My Type 2 to Type 4 Beauty Makeover

From subtle & soft to bold & striking
From subtle & soft to bold & striking

My journey on determining my Energy Profiling Type

I meticulously went through the Energy Profiling course...I bet I watched it 4 times. Each time being fascinated with the information and thinking about the people in my life and trying to match them up. Looking at their photographs and assessing their Type by their facial features, it became a really fun party game.

However, when it came to choosing what I thought my Type was I initially was convinced I was a Type 2 and I dressed that way for nearly a year. I had the right shaped jewelry, the makeup colors, I was wearing a lot of gray and muted soft color tones in comfortable, flowy fabrics. I felt I looked pretty and it wasn't really a stretch for me because I had been dressing that way most of my adult life very much modeling my mother.

And I really never questioned it out loud until I had the opportunity to meet Carol herself on a business trip to New York and curiously asked her to confirm my type.

I guess deep down some part of me must have felt like something was off. And if I'm honest, I knew that I wasn't completely sure about how I felt about myself when wearing all of the Type 2 fashion. On one hand it felt like "me" because it was so familiar to the style I was used to wearing, but on the other hand I found myself resisting it.

Here's what's funny...right before my trip I went shopping with a girlfriend to buy a few dresses to take to NY. I had one in my closet that I wore to a wedding years before and it was black (which they say is a no-no for anything but a Type 4), but it was also a mix of Type 2 because it had a ruffle collar and it was a comfortable fabric, not form-fitting, and had soft movement.

So, I tried on like eight dresses in Macy's that day with my friend and two of them looked, dare I say it myself, just stunning on me. She couldn't get over it and she said, "If you don't buy this dress I'll kill you, you look so good in it!" It was red, and it hugged all my curves, and it had a structured collar and shiny metal zipper down the front. I felt very sexy in it and could just picture the black heels I would wear. Another dress that looked great was an electric blue, curve hugging cocktail dress, that I could just picture myself salsa dancing in. Even though I was telling myself I was a Type 2 and these were clearly Type 4 dresses I bought them both anyway. Not only because of the reaction from my friend in the fitting room, but from something inside of me that felt drawn to them.

Well, as I was in my hotel room getting ready to attend the NYC cocktail party I tried on the red dress and put on my heels and asked my roommate what she thought. She was like, "Wow, that looks stunning on you, wear that!" It was a nice compliment and I felt good but a bit too much. And I thought about it and ultimately, I went back to the ruffly black dress, partly for comfort and partly because I didn't want to stand out that much and have people staring at me the way she did.

At some point during the cocktail party I got to spend some time with Carol Tuttle and I asked her straight out, "Can you tell what type you think I am?" She looked at me and smiled and said, "Well, what type do you think you are?" And when I told her "I think I'm a Type 2" and she paused and kind of smiled a little, then she looked at my black flowy dress, looked at my layered, highlighted, straight dark hair...she said, "You know what?, I think you're really a Type 4" and then she proceeded to explain why for the next half hour while my mouth hung open.

I honestly was floored. It was both a revelation and a relief!

I told her I bought the Type 2 course months ago and was trying to follow it as closely as I could, and even though I can't believe I got my self-assessment wrong, (incidentally, she said it was common for 4's to think they are 2's) I'd still love to know more about dressing as a Type 4. And happily she said, "Absolutely, write to customer service and we'll exchange courses for you at no charge. We want you to have the right information for you. You won't believe the difference it will make for you once you make the switch."

I have to say that she was so right. Since I found out my personality profile Type and watched the DYT video training, it's been a whole new me. I have been embracing my boldness not only in the color and fit of the clothes I wear, but also in my personality. I've changed my hair and I really feel more me. As the youngest child of three, I always felt a bit invisible growing up and it just became the role I played in my life. But now that I have the knowledge of my true nature and tendencies, it's given me the freedom to be me in the world and people have definitely noticed.

Just to let you know...the very next year I went back to NY to attend that same event and I ran into Carol again and told her the story about how I embraced myself as a Type 4. That night at the cocktail party, I showed up wearing a form-fitting, bold, navy and white striped dress and some heels with my natural jet black hair smoothed down and shiny. I was finally ready to stand out, be noticed and it felt great.


Bright, Fun, Light, Animated Type 1 Styles

Subtle, Soft, Flowy Type 2 Styles

Dynamic, Rich, Textured Type 3 Styles

Bold, Striking, Simple, Structured Type 4 Styles

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    • sandybid profile image

      sandybid 3 years ago

      Awww, that's so sweet of you to say Carlon. You should watch the video series, it really is fascinating... thanks for the comment :)

    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 3 years ago from USA

      You're an awesome writer. I was engaged with your story from the first paragraph. I might even check out this personality styling. Smile!