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Dominican Blowout On Natural Hair

Updated on August 6, 2014

Dominican Blowout On Natural Hair

Dominican Blowout

A Dominican Blowout on natural hair is the type of hair style that is meant to straighten curly or course hair. It is performed on a lot of ethnic women because of the texture of their natural hair. Many women often find that they are a good candidate for this type of blowout treatment. The Dominican Blow Out is very good for use with hair that has been damaged by a perm. It is also a good choice if your hair has been previously died and is not very healthy.

Dominican Blowout Side Effects

Although this hair style is lovely when done there are many concerns of the Dominican Blowout side effects. Since very high temperatures are the main method of achieving this natural hair style the concerns are very understandable. The affects of the heat on the hair has been known to cause breakage. It has also been known to cause the loss of the natural curl of the hair of some women as well.

Dominican Blowouts On Natural Hair

Then you also have to factor in the side effects of brush that is used. This style of round brush with bristles in a 360 degree pattern can easily tangle the hair. Couple that with the heat to the scalp and the Dominican Blowout for some has felt like one giant migraine. And for this reason some women who have had the process performed refuse to ever have it done again. While other women have had multiple blowouts performed.

How Much Is A Dominican Blowout

The question often comes up of how much is a Dominican Blowout? An the answer varies depending on where you live in the country. Many Dominican salons in the New York area charge on average $15. But as you start to travel further west in place the price spikes upwards to around $35 on average. But for the most part $20 is about what it should cost at a typical Dominican beauty salon.

I suggest that you call around to places in your area that specialize in a natural hair blowout and inquire on the cost. If you are a first timer and money is a concern then ask if they offer a first timer discount in hopes that you will be a repeat customer.

Dominican Blowout on Natural Hair At Home

Dominican Blowout Hair Products

Dominican Blowout Products

If you are interested in doing this natural hairstyle at home then I suggest that you look at a few of these Dominican Blowout products. As far as a shampoo Ion Straightening Shampoo is a good choice. It is good because the product is sulfate free. For a conditioner Ion Straightening Solution Conditioner is a nice complement to the shampoo. Another option is Lore'l Sulfate Free Leave In Conditioner.

It is a good idea to use Ion Heat Protection spray on your hair before applying the blow dryer. The choice of a blow dryer should be a ceramic one to evenly distribute heat. You might want to use a flat iron on natural hair as well. Be careful not to apply too much heat and you should be able to achieve the perfect Dominican Blowout on natural hair.


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