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Dont You Just Love Shoes

Updated on November 26, 2012

Put your best foot forward with the latest Edgars fashion update

Are you obsessed with shoes? Well, who in their right mind isn't? Shoes make most of us extremely happy and each year women wait in anticipation to see what designers will come up with next.

This year is just as exciting as the past years, as we see new entrants to the fashion catalogue while some favorites seem to be on their way out.

Right Shoes For The Short And Petite - Don't Fall For The Usual Trap!

Super High and Super Ouch

For starters, the biggest trend nowadays is that of super high heels. Just when I thought they couldn't get any higher, they took it up a notch. These stilettos are really hard on the ankles and feet in general, but for some reason that isn't stopping women from embracing the trend.

The fashion shows saw models tumbling up and down the runways as the highs were so difficult to walk in but then I guess, that is the price one pays for fashion.

Adorable and fun miniature designer shoes!

Embellish Away

The stilettos are high, super thin and the toe is extremely pointed. Plain colors are very much in, but this year a lot of emphasis is on embellishments. Bows, buckles, spikes, you name it, and the shoes have it. Pumps aren't the only ones getting accessorized; flats and boots are also seeing a lot of baubles going up on them. As far as prints are concerned, the leopard print is the biggest trend of 2012/2013, so make sure you have at least one pair of shoes that scream leopard.

Absolutely Stunning Shoe Fashion Trends

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Making A Statement

Shoes this season are all about making big and bold statements. Even something as soft-spoken and beautiful as ballerina flats have been revamped to give it some oomph. Shoes have to be the focus piece of any fashion look, so this season utmost attention is being paid to them.


The biggest shocker, one that I am happy about, is the banishment of the chunky looking platform. Yes, it was comfortable so you shouldn't throw it away but if you want to stay on trend then hide it away from a while.

Sky Is the Limit - fashion trend that looks great and adds vibrancy

How about those ankle high boots? Well, thankfully the fashion police still love them. However, even they aren't safe from an overhaul. The height of the boots has gone up a little bit and they have also been adorned with all kinds of embellishments. The heel lengths also vary, and the overall look is to make them look more sporty.

Nude heels are also very much in vogue, since they can be paired with anything. Black is of course, always relevant and pairing contrasting shoes with your outfit is also a fashion trend that looks great and adds vibrancy.

Head on out to your favorite shoe store and get the latest trends. - Shoes really complete an outfit, and once you're ready strut your stuff and turn some heads

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    • audrey07 profile image

      audrey07 5 years ago

      Stilettos are nice but I have given up on them long ago. It is just too hard on the back and spine. Now, it's the more practical flip-flops, flats and sneakers for me.