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Sexy / cute / unique / classic dresses to have in your closet for every event

Updated on December 27, 2011

Personally, I love to wear a dress to all events. This is a very feminine piece that is very flattering for women of all ages and body types. For women that are in touch with their feminine sides, you should have at least a few different types of dresses in your wardrobe to satisfy all your dress needs. Read this hub and find out which dresses you would like to add to your collection!

Little black dress – This is a well known and absolutely essential item to wear for many different occasions. It is appropriate for most formal events. Thus, it should be very flattering for your shape and not too revealing. After all, you want to look elegant, classic, stylish and appropriate at a company party. The best length for a little black dress is right at the knees. You are showing part of your legs but not too much to keep it tasteful.

Little white dress – A little white dress is a causal piece in your wardrobe that can be wore to many causal events. This is especially appropriate for the summer where you don't want to wear any dark colors. The little white dress should not be more than two inches above the knee. You shouldn't wear anything underneath your dress if it's really hot outside. And the little white dress is perfect for outdoor occasions where it is very sunny and hot. Complete the look with a pair of tan colored leather sandals.

Dress for formal events – The little black dress is already for formal events. This dress is a back up and should be either a neutral or a dark color. You should add your personal touches to this dress. It reflects your style more so than the little black dress. Do you have a preference for a specific color or off the shoulder? You can select that with this dress to show off your style at formal events. However, it is important to keep in mind that this dress should be tasteful and elegant for formal settings.

Chiffon dress – A chiffon dress is perfect for spring and summer. This dress is great for a date, romantic evening and other events with your love. The color you select should be based on your style, age and preference.

Strapless dress – A strapless dress adds variety to your look and should be in your closet. This dress needs to be form fitting on the top to prevent accidentally exposing your cleavage. Those with a naturally average to larger bust looks great with the strapless dress. Women that lack shape and have a small bust have a harder time with a strapless dress. You have to wear a padded bra to give you a more flattering look. The skirt part of the dress should be flared out to hide the fact that the fact that you have no shape. A body con strapless dress should never be attempted by someone with straight up and down type of body.

Ethnic / bohemian dress – This dress is optional but is great for your wardrobe. For causal outings, you will be the spotlight with a pretty ethnic / bohemian dress. This dress should be colorful, intricately detailed and loosely shaped. You have to wear a pair of nude leather ethnic flats to complete the whole look. Some feather earrings can be added for more enhancement.

Long dress / short dress – A long dress is very flattering for a tall woman; while a shot dress is great on a shorter woman. A maxi dress looks appropriate and romantic for a tall woman. With the right accessories, you will look like a model. Short women should always elongate their figure by wearing clothes that lengthens the whole body. A short dress that shows off the legs is great for short women. It does not weigh you down and give you a great sleek look.


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