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Dressing Your Baby For Baptism Or Christening

Updated on January 30, 2015

Dressing Your Baby For Baptism or Christening

Do you have a baby or young child celebrating a Christian Baptism or Christening soon? Parents have told me that they had trouble in finding a white gown, dress, or outfit of their choosing, to dress their baby girl or boy in for their memorable event.

If you are a parent preparing your child for the ceremony, I have selected some beautiful clothing choices to fit the occasion. This page shows Baptism/Christening clothing and accessories for baby girls and boys, including some toddler or young children sizes.

Many families keep their child's Baptism or Christening dress or outfit to show them when they are old enough to appreciate it, along with mementos from the occasion. Some save their first baby boy or girl's elegant white clothing and accessories to pass down to their next-born. Others save them in boxes as an heirloom.

I hope you will find just the special outfit for your Child's Holy occasion. Congratulations to you parents and blessings to the child baptized or christened, and your family.

Traditional Baby Girl Or Toddler Sized Gowns

These beautiful gowns and dresses come in baby sizes to toddler. Select your child's size. White is a symbol of purity. It is customary to dress in white for a baptism. Continue down the page for more baby gowns and white outfits, dresses in sizes for babies and young girls; and small outfits and larger suits for boys.

Lauren Madison baby girl Christening Baptism Multi Tiered Gown With Satin Bodice
Lauren Madison baby girl Christening Baptism Multi Tiered Gown With Satin Bodice

This tiered gown looks so beautiful. Comes in three baby sizes.


This is a lovely Baptismal dress in white. All the ruffles add to it's soft appeal.


White Embroidered Tulle Lace Christening Baptism Gown
White Embroidered Tulle Lace Christening Baptism Gown

There is a darling photo image of a young baby wearing this gown down by the reviews. Heirloom style. Bonnet. Made in USA. sizes 0-3 mo. to 12-18 mo.


Traditional Baptismal or Christening Gown

Here is the traditional Baptismal/Christening gown that is reminisce of our Great grandmother's and Great Grandfather's day. Baby boys or girls wore them. They are still popular among many denominations and families who buy one for their first child and pass them on to the next. Or, save then in a special box as an heirloom.

Quick Poll: Boy Or Girl? - Are You Looking for Accessories and Clothes for Boys Or Girls?

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This dress looks beautiful, either with the sleeveless cape or not. Best of all, this dress is a reasonably less-expensive option. It is made in the USA, too, which is a benefit.

Baby Boy Outfits Fitting For The Special Occasion Of Baptism Or Christening

Your boy will look handsome in one of these outfits. Shown are some darling outfits in baby size. White is a sign of purity and so I dressed my son in a white baby outfit with a touch of blue trim when he made his Baptism years ago. He looked darling! They didn't have online shopping then, and now it is much more convenient to have that option when finding Baptismal clothing.

Check availability of these outfits. Occasionally, an individual seller may be sold out of a size.

Lauren Madison Baby Boy Christening Baptism Infant Vestie Set With Short
Lauren Madison Baby Boy Christening Baptism Infant Vestie Set With Short

Sizes 6mo. to 24 mo. Satin shorts Look at cross detail on vestie (top is one-piece).


Shorts work well for babies and this short set includes a vestie that is the shirt and vest sewn together. It' a cute dressed-up yet practical casualness look.

Michael 100% Cotton Christening Baptism Blessing Outfit for Boys
Michael 100% Cotton Christening Baptism Blessing Outfit for Boys

This baby looks so comfortable in his darling outfit. Newborn to 24 mo. sizes.


This one-piece outfit appears traditional in style. Do you agree? It is like the masculine baby version of a christening gown with the legs and the bonnet. Some parents buy Christening gowns for either their boy or girl child. I think this is cute and a suitable outfit for a Baptism or Christening and saved as an heirloom.


Seersucker makes me think of warm weather and a southern style but it is very good-looking outfit for kids in the north, too. This is a popular short suit with tie. Check it out to see if it is in your baby's size.


Infant Baptism Experiences

I loved the special days of my children’s infant Baptisms. I realized their Baptism was the first important spiritual day in their lives, receiving their first Sacrament. For me, also, it was a happy, prayerful, and memorable day.

Now, the Baptisms of grandchildren were again very special important days I’ve been fortunate to attend. I remember the slight nervousness, being excited and feeling blessed, too, with each child as they were welcomed into God’s church and reborn spiritually with the Living Water of Baptism. Thus, becoming God’s adopted child. What a joyous occasion! How much better can it be!

Child's Baptism


This may be just the kind of dress you are looking for. This sleeveless gown has the elegance of a bridal dress. It has beautiful details and a cape to wear with it. It is very feminine, yet for very young babies it may be a little much. It is up to you and your preference.


After The Ceremony Do You Want To Keep Your Baby's Apparel? - Archival Box With Acid-Free Paper

Storing your baby's special clothes as an heirloom is possible with the right storage products. This is a medium-sized box, a good size for Christening gowns, the description states.

Still Looking For the Right Outfit?

Below, find apparel and accessories you might prefer. Plus Baptism information.

Ideas Of Newer Styles Of Dressing A Baby Girl Or Toddler For Her Joyous Baptism

Some of you would prefer a newer style for your baby or young girl. Maybe, traditional christening gowns and bonnets sound too old-fashioned for your taste? Here are some ideas for dresses. You could try a cute headband instead of a bonnet. There are styles for different tastes. Prices vary, even with sizes, so I have chosen some dresses and outfits of varying cost.

Biscotti Baby Girls' Flower Girl Sleeveless Dress, White, 9 Months
Biscotti Baby Girls' Flower Girl Sleeveless Dress, White, 9 Months

A dreamy angelic look. Availability may be 9-24 mo.


This is an angelic style dress and very girlish. I think having a little color on embellishments is okay for Baptism, as long as the outfit is white, but that is my personal opinion. If that is what you prefer, I think it would be acceptable.

Clickcago Baby Girls Sleeve Dress White Vanilla
Clickcago Baby Girls Sleeve Dress White Vanilla

Here is a very cute style. baby 6 mo -24 mo. sizes. The color is an off-white, the seller calls it white vanilla.


This is quite different as a Baptism dress, but I think it is very cute in a modern, sleek style. What do you think?


Are You Having A Christening Or Baptism?

Are you searching for clothing for a Baptism or Christening?

Have You Witnessed An Infant Baptism?

At Catholic Baptisms, the baby usually wears white clothing. In addition, many churches gives the parents a small white stole they place on the baby as a white baptism garment. The celebrant must be a priest, deacon, or in rarer instances, the Bishop. First, the celebrant asks the parents, What name have you given your child? (They answer.) What is it that you ask of God's Church for your child? They reply Baptism.

The priest then tells the parents ways in which they are responsible for the training of their child in the practice of faith. . . to bring your child up to keep God's commandments as Christ taught us… The parents and Godparents agree to accept their responsibilities. The priest welcomes the child into the Christian community and the priest, parents, and Godparents all trace the Sign of the Cross on the child's forehead. . .

Next are prayers with the Celebrant blessing the water, and prayers with the congregation's responses. The priest then leads the parents, Godparents, and whole congregation into the prayer of renunciation of sin and satan. It is followed immediately with a Pronunciation of Faith prayer, renewing the promises all made at Baptism.

The Ritual for Baptism follows. The priest, parents and Godparents gather over the baptismal font with the priest pouring blessed Holy Water over the child's head slowly, three times, while always pronouncing the words, " ("Child's name"), I baptize you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The priest anoints the child on the top of his/her head with chrism.

Then, the Godparents go to light the child's baptismal candle from the Church's large Easter candle and bring the child's candle back lit. The priest prays the child receives the Light of Christ,. . . that the child is always to walk as a child of the light. . .

The priest gives a final blessing with individual prayers for the Mother, the Father, and the congregation.

This tells the order and main components of the ceremony. I may have left out portions and paraphrased words of prayers. This is not written word-for-word, so I have found the whole Rite where you may read it again yourself. The prayers are lovely and give it meaning. The link is below.

Were You Yourself Baptized As A Baby, Older Child, Or As An Adult? - Would You Like To Take This Anonymous Poll?

When were you baptized?

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Other Essentials To Have on Hand At The Church.

Well, what else does your baby need for their special outfit? Small babies don't need shoes, they can wear white booties or socks. Bring baby a comfy baby blanket to wrap in. As you are waiting through the Mass or ceremony for your baby's time for Baptism, have extra diapers and wipes with you, a bottle or a cover blanket if you are nursing, and a bib to protect you baby's white outfit in case of spit-ups. If your baby uses a pacifier, or is teething, bring what will settle the baby.

This is a sweet set for your baby. The bib for a protective cover-up over the white dress, and baby girl shoes with roses.


These shoes are soft like slippers with flannel lining and made of Polyester. The size fits a small infant.

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      Shelly Sellers 3 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      You have so many precious baptism and christening outfits and accessories for babies :)

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      Excellent addition to the Catholic niche, 1angelsbestkeptsecrets! I loved the fact that you explained the ceremony for those who may not be familiar with it. Have a blessed weekend.

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