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Dry Hair - Best How to Treat Dry Hair Remedies

Updated on December 30, 2014

Say Goodbye to Dry Hair with the Best Products and Ideas for Soft, Silky Hair!

Are you looking for the best dry hair remedies to help with your frizzy, tangled and lifeless hair? If you have dry hair and get frustrated trying to put a simple comb through that tangled web, I can relate and have done lots of research to help myself and am sure these products and dry hair care tips will help you too.

Whether you have a temporary dry hair issue, dry hair in summer months or even if it's been a more long term problem, we'll help you say goodbye to dry hair. You'll find all the best dry hair remedies with products, tools and hair supplements together in this article with rave customer reviews and at the best prices, plus videos and links for more helpful ideas for dry hair.

Here's a list of some of my best how to treat dry hair remedies that work for me, are highly rated by other customers and should work for you too from best dry hair shampoos and brittle hair conditioners, to overnight dry hair treatments, best tools to use for dry hair, nutrients and tips to prevent drying your hair out more.

Don't give up, you can get silky and shiny hair with these top tips for dry hair and these are great stocking stuffer ideas for girls and women too. Don't forget to share with your best friend!

(image courtesy of amazon)

Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- Pure, Cold-pressed, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free- 16 Ounce
Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- Pure, Cold-pressed, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free- 16 Ounce

Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is Worth every penny for dry hair problems and one of the best oils for dry frizzy, straw like hair. Wait till you try it! Use 'subscribe and save' to get regular deliveries to your door and save over $1 on each future purchase.


Add coconut oil to your dry hair for shine and manageability of dry brittle hair - You'll love Organic Coconut Oil to cure dry hair naturally for dry split ends

Almost 500 customers give Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil a perfect rating of 5 Stars! Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days!

Try coconut oil as a hot oil treatment to help moisturize very dry, lifeless and frizzy hair every week to find your smooth, soft silky hair. Summer hair care requires extra attention to avoid drying out our hair even more. Pre-treat dry hair before going to the beach or pool to prevent further damage to hair. Treat dry hair at the roots with coconut oil. You can also use it to soften skin, to cook with, bake with, use as a spread for toast and it helps the heart and blood sugar for added benefits. Coconut is one of the best oils for dry frizzy hair and more uses.

Coconut Oil is one of the products I love and use as an overnight moisturizer - apply a generous amount, spread throughout, clip my hair together on top of my head and allow to penetrate and dry. Rinse out in the morning for smoother hair! Click the link to see all the positive rave reviews for Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!

Shea Butter adds moisture to dry hair - No more Bad Hair Days! - Dry damaged and brittle hair can't get enough moisture!

Use shea butter as a deep conditioner for dry hair, on dry brittle ends and give your hair a boost of shine. Shea butter is one of the cheapest treatments for lifeless and dull hair that works pretty quickly. These are products for dry hair that customers rate the most highly and recommend for dry damaged frizzy brittle hair damage. If you've never used it, shea butter is a fantastic deep conditioning treatment for dry ends and frizzy hair. You can also use just a touch on fingertips as a leave in conditoner. You don't have to live with dry lifeless hair, add shea butter moisturizer and see the difference.

SheaMoisture 12 oz Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
SheaMoisture 12 oz Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

You can safely do a deep treatment of shea butter with this masque every other day until your dry hair is more manageable. Wonderful dry hair masque to apply to roots, wrap hair, wait 20-30 minutes, comb and rinse. Use daily for severe dry hair, then weekly!


Top 10 Causes of Dry Hair

Dry damaged hair is usually caused by at least one of these items if not more.

These are the Top 10 main causes of dry hair.

Have a look and see if you can't determine what could be causing your dry hair problem before we move on to dry hair remedies.

  • Sun - the sun's rays are very powerful and even if you only spend a small amount of time enjoying it's warmth, it's drying out your hair.
  • Overprocessing - hair coloring can take it's toll on your hair as well as perms or relaxing treatments when used too often and the results are those dry, brittle and frizzy ends that you're trying to deal with.
  • Heat - this can be due to the heat of the weather as in the sun above, or even hot water on your hair when you shower or the heat from a blow dryer or curling iron.
  • Infrequent hair cuts - hair cuts or even a hair trimming every six weeks is good for your hair and eliminates the dry, split ends that are typical of dry hair.
  • Chlorine - if you're a frequent swimmer and don't use a shower cap, your dry hair could be the result of this chemical.
  • Lack of nutrients - hair needs vitamins and minerals to be the most healthy, just like your body does.
  • Lack of moisture - hair also needs moisture that can and should easily be added daily for the healthiest locks.
  • Chemicals in products - could be the problem of dry hair since they get into the roots and build up. Plus they add no nutritional value to your hair.
  • Menopause and aging - two common factors that happen to all of us that live long enough to grow old. Hormonal changes and aging cause decrease levels of moisture at all our cells, including our hair.
  • Medications and illness - as a side effect of many medications, you may experience very dry hair. You can't stop taking your medications but, you can add extra moisturizing shampoo, conditioners and treatments plus supplements to help you. See our recommendations for dry brittle and frizzy hair below.

ELMA&SANA Golden Argan Oil ® 100 Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -1oz(30ml)
ELMA&SANA Golden Argan Oil ® 100 Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -1oz(30ml)

A customer top pick with the highest ratings to improve dry, brittle damaged hair. Try adding it to the dry ends of your hair for shine and ease of movement.


Pre Treat Dry Hair with Argon Oil for No More Bad Hair Days! - Argon oil is organic and super moisturizing on hair and skin

See the benefits of argon oil quickly with this quality argon oil used as a pre shampoo, daily dry end treatment and scalp hydration to get the silky smooth hair you are searching for.

I use argon oil as a deep conditioner at least once a week and absolutely love the scent and feel of my hair afterwards.

You can also add a few drops in your hands and massage gently into the tips of hair for those dry split ends.

Try it, I think you'll agree argon oil is amazing!

The scent of argon oil reminds me of an exotic vacation destination - delicious.

What do you think is the number one cause of your dry hair?

Do you think one of these causes could be your dry hair problem?

See results

Dry hair needs nutrients and moisturizers - Jojoba Oil also works to hydrate dry hair!

Use it to relieve dry, itchy scalp and problems with dandruff. Summer hair care usually needs extra attention from the damaging rays of the very bright and super hot sun. I love Jojoba oil since it's Safe for daily use, no chemicals, no scent, very light and will improve your dry hair too!

Jojoba Oil Aubrey Organics 2 oz Liquid
Jojoba Oil Aubrey Organics 2 oz Liquid

For the organic lovers that won't add more chemicals to already dry damaged hair - apply to scalp and dry ends daily or create a hot oil treatment for hair weekly for shine and managability.

Queen Helene Hot Oil Treatment, Jojoba, 3-1 Ounce (Pack of 6) [Packaging May Vary]
Queen Helene Hot Oil Treatment, Jojoba, 3-1 Ounce (Pack of 6) [Packaging May Vary]

I love these hot oil treatments for on the go, great for travel so you can still go to the pool then treat your hair to this jojoba oil. You get six for one low price!


We offer you lots of choices in the best products for your hair since it's a good idea to switch out what you use every few weeks on your hair for the best results!

Dry Hair Deep Conditioning Treatment and Leave-in Conditioners

A MUST for dry hair treatment - you'll see a noticeable difference

Using a Daily Leave in Conditioner for faster results at reducing dry hair:

Use these Tips on Using a Deep Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner for Soft Manageable Hair

Dry damaged hair can benefit from a daily leave in conditoner. Use it after shampooing and conditioning your hair, towel dry gently and then apply a medium amount into the palm of hand. Blend it in your hand and then bend over so your hair hangs in front of you.

Blend the conditioner into your hair starting at the scalp and working through to the ends.

Flip your head back up and then use a wide tooth comb to comb the leave in conditioner product in completely.

This will moisturize your hair all the way to the ends and reduces the problem of split ends.

Using a Deep Conditioning Treatment:

Until your hair is more manageable, use a deep conditioner every other day.

Shampoo only every 3 or 4 days, unless your work in a dirty or smoky environment your hair doesn't get dirty and dry hair needs all the moisture it can get and keep!

Apply at least a palm full of deep conditioner to your hair beginning at the scalp and working into all the hair strands as best as possible.

Massage the product into your hair and especially the scalp to reduce dryness there.

Comb through and then use a clip to hold the hair on top of your head.

Apply a warm towel over hair to increase the saturation level of the deep conditioner.

Wait at least 20-30 minutes for the product to moisturize your hair.

Remove the towel and rinse your newly conditioned hair with cool water.

Air dry if possible or use a low heat blow dryer (always with a diffuser for dry damaged hair).

Maintain smooth silky hair with your deep conditioning treatment weekly.

Use a Deep Conditioning treatment every few days to improve dry hair - All conditioners for dry hair are not created equal, these are the top natural choices

Deep conditioners add the added vitamins and moisturizers that are lacking with dry brittle and damaged hair. They're safe to use every day until your hair becomes more manageable. Avoid sulfates that dry hair even more. I first found Macadamia Oil when visiting Hawaii as these nuts grow there in large amounts due to the perfect climate and loved it ever since. Try alternating your hair care products for hair that's in the best shape ever!

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask, 8 ounce
Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask, 8 ounce

Macadamias grow easily all over Hawaii and when I use this hair mask it reminds me of the fabulous ocean, scents and scenery from that magnificent area of the world.


Nutrients for Dry Hair

Adding these vitamins to your daily beauty routine will help to improve dry, brittle hair, lifeless hair damaged by the sun, coloring, perms, overprocessing, improper products or lack of nutrients in the diet. Look for any of these ingredients in hair care products and in the daily vitamins you take.

Daily Nutrients are Essential for Improving Dry Hair - When you can't eat all the nutrients you need, a supplement can help!

These are all customer favorites for vitamins to improve hair, skin and nails and could be what you need to get soft, smoother, healthier hair too!

The Best Supplements to Add to your diet for problem dry hair:

>>> Biotin - helps to grow your hair

>>> Vitamins A, C and B encourages growth, shine and overall health

>>> Vitamin E - gives hair that soft, silky and shiny appearance and strengthens your hair too

>>> Iron - stops hair from becoming brittle

>>> Copper - assists with maintaining the color of your hair so less processing is necessary and an overall improvement in dry hair

>>>Collagen - the protein building block of all cells

>>> Folic acid - also helps to keep your own natural hair color for less frequent coloring

>>> Aloe Vera Leaf

>>> Herbs

>>> Amino acids

>>> Zinc oxide

Blow Dryers and Curling Irons

Dry damaged hair has really taken a beating with daily use of a blow dryer or curling iron.

Use these tips for better results and to reduce damaging your hair further:

Blow Dryers:

Hot Sock Diffuser
Hot Sock Diffuser

My number one choice of diffuser is by far the Hot Sock. It fits any hair dryer, lasts long, works to keep hair from flying around and helps a ton with my dry hair! The Hot Sock is the ultimate tool for my dry hair blow drying and I'd never blow dry my own hair without it. The $7 price tag is also a bonus..


Hair diffusers for your blow dryer

Hair diffusers help to prevent flyaway hair and dry the hair at the roots and in small areas at a time. If you've never used a hair diffuser before or know someone that endlessly suffers from dry, brittle and damaged hair - choose one of these hair diffusers and notice a huge difference almost immediately!

* Always use a diffuser on your blow dryer when you have dry hair, you'll avoid drying it too fast or drying it out more. This a the number one dry hair tool you need if you're blow drying your hair!

I love a diffuser and won't ever use a blow dryer on my hair without one! Try it if you haven't yet.

Use a heat tamer protective spray before blow drying, spray it in and allow it to dry before blow drying to improve shine.

Use the lowest heat setting necessary to dry hair.

Curling Irons:

Always use a heat tamer protective spray first

Use an ceramic iron that won't pull the hair

Separate the hair and work on one section at a time

Use the high heat so that you can work quickly and reduce the time of an iron on your hair

*** Use caution with curling irons to avoid getting burned ***

Great deals on blow dryer diffusers from ebay - Dry damaged hair benefits from a diffuser that applies heat to specific areas of hair

Already have a blow dryer and only need a diffuser, check out the Hot Sock - it's perfect and fits over any blow dryer and super cheap - what a great simple gift for someone and great stocking stuffer too!


Home remedies for dry damaged hair

When you need some fast treatment for your dry hair and having a really bad hair day, look no further than your own kitchen! Although these options to cure dry hair aren't free, chances are good that you have some of these ingredients at home already or can easily find them in a local store.

Although they can be messy, these are some of the best ways to give yourself a hair treatment in a pinch:

>> Use Mayonnaise! Portion out a couple tablespoons of mayonnaise into a small bowl. Use your hand to apply small amounts directly to dry hair and work it into all hair including the scalp and ends. Allow it to set for 20-30 minutes and then rinse out, style as usual. Use weekly.

>> Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Pour two to three tablespoons of oil into a small bowl or into a sprayer bottle. Apply to dry hair starting at the roots and working all the way to the ends. If possible, use a wide tooth comb to comb oil all the way through the strands of hair for a deep conditioning treatment that you can use at least weekly. Rinse out after 30 minutes and style as usual. Try cannola oil, peanut oil or your favorite vegetable oil too.

>> Hot Oil Treatment - use any number of oils found in your kitchen such as cannola, sunflower, vegetable oil. Place 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil in a bowl, wet hair with warm water, apply the oil using your fingers or a pastry brush. Comb through as best as you can. Heat a towel in the microwave until you can safely add it to your head without getting burned! Wrap hair with the warm towel, wait 20-30 minutes. Remove towel and wash hair thoroughly, rinse with cool water.

>> Use Eggs! Eggs are loaded with protein and can help to heal your dry hair to reduce brittle and frizzy hair. Crack 2 eggs into a small bowl using the whites and whisk with a fork to blend well. Apply to dry hair using your hands starting at the scalp and working through to the ends. Leave on 5 minutes, rinse well with warm water and a cool rinse. Style as usual.

My hair salon gives this best tip for dry hair:

Comb conditioner all the way through

wet hair every time!

Sun protection for dry hair

Take these steps to reduce further drying your hair

Just as the sun can burn your skin when you are outdoors and exposed to high levels of harmful rays, the same happens to your scalp and your hair and you can actually burn it. When you'll be out in the sun, at the pool, beach, theme parks, barbeques and picnics or just hanging out with your friends it's important to remember the problems of dry brittle hair and take steps to prevent damaging your hair further.

1) Use a leave in conditioner before going into the sun

2) Spray your hair with jojoba, argon or coconut oil before going in the sun, to the beach or the pool

3) Wear a large brimmed hat to protect your hair

4) Limit your exposure to the sun and take frequent breaks out of the direct sun

© 2012 Cindy

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      @Melissa Miotke: These tips should help your dry hair problem melissamio, thanks for reading and keep in touch. xoxo

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      Melissa Miotke 

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      My hair is always really dry. Great lens- I'll be using some of your tips!

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      One of the problems of women is dry hair. Thanks for this useful and informative lens.

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      Nicely put together info! Thanks for sharing! :)


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