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Get Smooth Skin: Best moisturizer products for dry skin

Updated on March 29, 2013

Ten Best Moisturizers for Body and Face

Ever since my youth I've had very dry skin. It's terrible during winter when the air is so dry and the heat is turned up everywhere.

During the summer it gets much better. Are you totally fed up with dry skin as well? For my own dry skin I tried everything.

Here are the products that worked great for me and that might help you get rid of your dry skin as well. The best moisturizer products that will get you your smooth skin back, like it's summer.

First Five of the Best Body Moisturizers followed by Five of the Best Face Moisturizers.

#5. Coconut based body moisturizer

This coconut based moisturizer has to be kept fresh, so you can't keep it around for a long time in a warm room. That's a small downside but it soaks right into your skin and it smells really good. I love coconut so that might help. It works really well on my skin and defintely improves the overall moisture level and smoothness. Certainly one of the best moisturizers for the body I came across but maybe not quite the absolute best one. I'll recommend this one as a top choice if you love coconut smell.

#4. Great Smelling Moisturizer

This is a fantastic hand and body lotion by the Naked Bee. It's free of paraben, propylene glycol, dyes, pigment, mineral oil, laurly sulfate, and laureth sulfate. That makes it a great lotion if you have sensitive skin that can't take a lot of chemicals. The smell of Naked Bee is fantastic and it makes your skin so much softer and smoother then before you apply it, very silky really. It's not too greasy but you will still enjoy a lasting effect that keeps your skin moisturized for quite some time. Which is one of the most difficult things to accomplish when making a moisturizer.

#3. Get Rid of Dry Skin with Aveno

The classic Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion that has been around for ages is actually an extremely effective moisturizer in my opinion.

They claim that the natural oatmeal blend with rich emollients to moisturize your skin is what makes it last for a full 24 hours. I always think these kind of claims are kind of iffy and am not convinced it's the oatmeal but it did last for a very long time. I felt really satisfied using this moisturizer and it's in the top 3 of my top body moisturizers deservedly.

The scaling and flaking of my skin went down a lot in the short term and I think it had some longer lasting effects too. Getting my skin back to it's healthy shape faster. It absorbed fast though which is why moisturizers are to be preferred over oils. The Aveeno brand has been Dermatologist recommended for nearly 60 years. So that explains why they are pretty good.

#2. Best Shower Moisturizer

This is a perfect moisturizer to use while showering. Showering is actually bad for dry skin and you should keep it short and not shower too hot but lukewarm. Using a moisturizer while showering helps to lock in some of the water into your skin which wouldn't work otherwise.

The product worked wonders for my dry flaky skin and was defintely one of the best moisturizing products for the body I tried out. Afterward I had smooth skin like I rarely do.

One last thing I liked a lot about this product was that applying a moisturizer when showering is much more convenient then doing it afterwards. Waiting for the moisturizer to absorb after showering before putting on your clothes is not something I enjoy. Especially in winter when I most need it.

#1. Best Moisturizer Product for the Body

Cerave is a superb moisturizer for the body. This product worked great to get smooth skin and get rid of my dry skin. After using the entire bottle I felt like I didn't need a moisturizer any more. Well I know I do... But still that's how I felt about it.

My skin felt really soft and smooth to the touch. Best thing is, this is not an expensive product! Yet it does the same, or an even better job, as products I tried that are three or four times the price or even more outrageously priced. I'm never getting ripped off again and sticking with Cerave as my body lotion.

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#5. Moisturizing Day Cream

The one bad thing about this one is the price tag, which is pretty steep and the reason why I put the excellent product on the #5. position in this list of best moisturizer products.

When I was on a city trip to Berlin during the winter time I had to pick up a face moisturizer and randomly picked out one by Dr.Hauschka. Well randomly I tried my best to pick out a good one but they were all in German.

That is not my native language, so it was hard. However I was extremely happy with the result Dr.Hauschka had on my flaky face. My skin got smooth again but didn't feel greasy. Perfect face moisturizer.

#4. Face Cream for Sensitive Skin

My least favorite part of this face moisturizer is the big price tag. Otherwise this is a great moisturizer that worked very well for my sensitive skin. No burning or outbreaks of acne within days. Flaking on my cheeks and around my brows dissapeared and my skin felt a lot softer and smoother. Definitely a product worth trying out at least once if you afford it or if there is a good deal on it.

#3. Argan Oil Face Moisturizer

A friend of my moms insisted I try out this Argan oil based product. It's not so much a moisterizer but a flask of fair trade raw pressed virgin Argan oil from Morocco. You can actually use it on your skin, hair and nails.

I only tried it on my skin so I can only vouch for that. It has a nice scent to it and applying just a few drops to my face combats the dry areas like no other oil. I was also pleased with the speed with which it was absorbed. This was a lot quicker then I was used too which is nice because I can't wait all day for these oils to get absorbed before going on with my business.

Bottomline: great oil product against dry skin, highly recommended.

#2. Tint and Anti Age Moisturizer

At first I thought this was a little bit overpriced. However this is a moisterizer that also adds a tint at the same time. Now I'm usually not into teinting with lotions but with all the health concerns surrounding sunbathing and me working indoors all the time it seemed worth it, to give it a shot. It defintely improved my skin and it made me look a lot healthier. Awesome product but unfortunately L'oreal is not making it anymore. This is the last batch of a great moisterizing product.

#1 Best face moisturizing product

This is my top choice moisterizing product for the face. It's affordable, it works fantastic, not greasy and absorbs quickly. My face looks better and the flaking in certain areas is completely gone. It's not scented which I like a lot. It absorbed quickly and the result was awesome with an effect that lasted long for a face moisterizer. The good pricing sealed the deal for me and I'll continue to use this product unless I find a miracle product.


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