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Updated on August 24, 2011


Itchy, clear fluid-filled blisters can be attributed to Dyshidrosis. There are many causes of this skin condition, and also many ways to alleviate it. I've gone through some mild cases of it on my hands, the most recent being blisters on my thumb that started near the fingernail and worked their way up to the knuckle. Luckily, those blisters weren't itchy.

Here's some more information on what Dyshidrosis is, and how to prevent it.


My Bouts with Dyshidrosis

Once in a while, I come down with a case of those itchy blisters. I often mistake them for bug bites initially, and then when they continue to itch and I can see the small blisters, I realize that it's probably not a bug bite after all.

Females tend to get Dyshidrosis more than males do. One tip I learned is to keep the affected areas away from water as much as possible. That has helped. Also, learning to manage stress can play a big part in fending off Dyshidrosis.

I have seen instances in others where the redness and scaliness is more severe, but luckily I have not had it get too out of hand whenever I have suffered through it. The itching is the worst! It's advisable not to scratch the itch, though.


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      UKGhostwriter 5 years ago

      Great awareness - thanks for sharing.