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Best earrings for women: different types for your face shape

Updated on June 27, 2012

Earrings are important accessories for your look. It can enhance your overall attractiveness or hide your flaws. For a girls, there are so many styles of different earrings to choose from, it is sometimes hard to make the right choice. Unless you have the perfect small oval face, not all types of earrings are flattering on your face. This hub talks about the different earring styles and which ones you should choose by face shape!! Enjoy and you will be more beautiful after reading this hub, I promise!!

Round faces. The best one for round faces is the drop earrings. A pair of long and skinny earrings will help you balance out the roundness of your face. This style is very classic and will look great with almost any outfit. Choose simple ones for a more causal occasion and fancy ones for a more formal occasion. Earrings with geometric shape that are long can also help upset the roundness of your face. The reason is because those earrings are opposite of roundness. It is wise to pick those carefully because you don't want to add more width to your face. Hoop and stud earrings are a definite no for round faces.

Square faces. Because of the squareness of you face, it is better to make your face look softer with more feminine earrings. A pair of earrings that has some flowery elements of pretty rounder shapes are the best for the square face. You would want to avoid any geometric shapes because it will only emphasize the squareness of your face.

Long faces. Earrings should be used to make the face look shorter. The hoop earrings are best here because it will add width to your narrow face. Your hairstyle should also be used to create that extra width. A pair of long earrings should be avoided because it will make the face look even longer. Little stud earrings are also very good here when you want minimal jewelry. Here is a good look for the long faced girl: pull back your hair in a ponytail but have some bangs covering your forehead and complete the look with stud earrings. This look is very simple yet elegant. The bangs are very important because it will significantly shorten your face.

Heart shaped faces. You have a bigger higher forehead with a very narrow chin. Earrings should be used to balance the little narrow chin with your bigger forehead. Use earrings that are narrow at the top but bulky near the bottom. The hoop, chandelier and geometric ones should all work for you. The stud and long earrings are not as flattering. Those earrings that are big on top and gradually get smaller mirrors your own face shape and needs to be avoided at all times.

Oval faces. You are a lucky girl because this is the perfect face shape that can accommodate almost all earring types. You should choose ones that is best for the occasion and one that you love. However, if you are a very petite girl, you should definitely avoid those very big or long earrings. It will just weigh you down. Choose one that is proportional to your own body. But otherwise, just have fun!


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