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Earrings – examples of earrings that will flatter your face and body

Updated on February 5, 2012

Earrings are very important accessories in your wardrobe that makes an outfit pop. Every woman should have some earrings to make themselves look more appealing to the opposite sex. Earrings are my favorite accessories because it can make my face look more balanced as well as make my outfit stand out. It serves two purposes in the world of fashion. This hub talks about the various kinds of earrings and has pictures showing you which ones to get. Hope you will enjoy it and look even more fabulous tomorrow.

Women with round faces should get earrings that are long and slender. Round faces tend to look big and slightly out of proportion; long earrings can help your face look slimmer and more refined. There are so many variations of long earrings that you will never run out of options. The trendy feather earrings are perfect for a romantic date and causal events. Many women with round faces complain that all bohemian earrings are very round and big. However, there are some very unique ethnic earrings that are suitable for round faces. See below for more details.

notice all earrings are longer and somewhat slender.
notice all earrings are longer and somewhat slender.

Women with oblong face shapes should choose earrings that make their faces look wider. Hoop earrings are the best bet because it widens the face instantly. However, women love variety and no one wants to wear the same hoop earrings for a long time. The chandelier earrings are another alternative that will flatter women with oblong face shapes. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Below is a collection of the types of earrings that are very flattering for those with oblong face shapes. As a rule of thumb, earrings that are wide from top to bottom are the most flattering for your face shape.

notice all earrings are wide from top to bottom.  This will widen an oblong face very effectively.
notice all earrings are wide from top to bottom. This will widen an oblong face very effectively.

Those with heart shaped faces should balance their face shape with earrings that are bottom heavy. Due to a very small or pointy chin, you should select earrings that are wider on the bottom. If you like geometric shaped earrings, a pair of triangle shaped earrings will flatter your face instantly. Women with heart shaped faces can also opt for a pair of long earrings with a bigger pearl at the end. Chandelier earrings are also very flattering for heart shaped faces.

These earrings are very flattering for heart shaped faces because they are all bottom heavy.
These earrings are very flattering for heart shaped faces because they are all bottom heavy.

Women with oval face shapes are very lucky because all kinds of earrings will flatter you. This brings me to the next point. To find the perfect earrings, you should also take into consideration your body shape and size. Although face shape is important, proportion is also crucial when selecting a pair of perfect earrings. In my previous hub, I concentrated on face shapes (for earrings) but this hub gives a more complete picture.

Petite and skinny women should choose smaller and shorter earrings for a very balanced look. When you are short and have a round face, it is wise to select a pair of long earrings that do not go pass your chin. Earrings that are very long will flatter a round face but look very funny on a shorter woman. For a short woman with oblong or heart shaped face, you have to go for a pair of earrings that widens the face. However, do not go with a very big earring because it will overwhelm your figure easily. Instead, opt for chandelier earrings that are small to medium sized for a balanced look for your face and body.

Taller and bigger women have to select bigger and longer earrings that are in proportion to their bodies. For example, if you are a very tall woman and choose to wear small earrings, it will look like you borrowed them from someone much shorter than you. A taller woman will look amazing with a pair of big earrings because it is the right proportions to your body. A pair of large to very large chandelier earrings are extremely pretty for a taller woman with oblong or heart shaped face.


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    • profile image

      SmartyPens 5 years ago

      Great advice about earring shapes. Voted up!

    • ayliss08 profile image

      ayliss08 5 years ago from Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

      wow, beautiful earrings, I like all these wonderful pieces! Thank you for sharing! Voted up!