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Beachy Hair Waves Tutorial

Updated on September 28, 2017

How to Get Big Beachy Hair Waves

Big hair waves cascade around your face to create a soft, feminine hairdo that's perfect for a special night. Whether you're primping for the prom, looking for a special 'do for summer weddings or just want a change from plain Jane tresses, big waves showcase the softer side of sex appeal. If you've never curled your hair before, leave yourself plenty of time to experiment with the curl process, then get ready to rock the town.

How to Get Beachy Hair Waves With a Curling Iron

Plug in your curling iron and allow it to heat up. While it gets hot, spritz your locks with a heat protectant that will allow you to create luscious waves without dehydrating your hair. A high-quality ceramic curling iron works best for this.

Begin at the nape of the neck by taking a 2-inch section of hair and putting the ends between the lips of your curling iron. Turn the iron to wrap your hair around the outside of the barrel. Hold the curling iron in place for 30 seconds, then release it.

Spray the newly formed curl with hairspray, then pin it to your head with a bobby pin. This gives you extra help to ensure your waves stay all day.

Move onto the next section of hair, again curling it, then spraying it and pinning it when you've created the curl.

Work along the back of your head up toward the crown of your head. Once you've curled the back, work on one side of your head, then the other. Always begin at the bottom and work toward the crown, and hold the curl for 30 seconds for maximum lift.

Let the curls set up on your head for one hour, then remove the bobby pins.

Push the curls with your fingers to arrange them. Style your hair in an updo, or leave it down -- it's up to you.

Summer Beachy Hair Waves Tutorial

Using Hot Rollers for Beachy Waves in Hair

If you have more time to work on your big curls, then you may want to use hot rollers.

Take a 2-inch section of your hair, beginning at the back of your neck. Turn the roller to wind your hair around it. Pin the roller when you've wound all the hair.

Place a second roller in your hair just above the first one, winding it in the same fashion. Continue working in this manner until you've covered all hair up to the crown of your head.

Add more rollers until you've covered your whole head.

Leave the rollers on your hair until they cool down completely.

Remove the rollers one at a time when they've cooled completely. As with the curling iron method, spray your hair with hairspray and pin the curl to your head. Again let the curls sit for an hour before removing the bobby pins and brushing out your locks.

Using Cold Rollers For Bouncy Curls

If you do not want to heat your hair at all because you are concerned about heat damage, cold rollers are an option.

Put cold rollers in your hair after you have taken a shower, and leave the rollers in overnight or until your hair has dried completely. To insert these rollers, follow the same general procedure for the hot rollers.

When you remove the rollers, your hair will be naturally curly. At this point, use hair spray, mousse, or both to fix the hold and enjoy your bouncy curls. Because this technique does not use heat, it is very gentle.


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