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Going Green With Emerald Cluster Rings

Updated on November 28, 2012

Opt For The Cheaper Emerald Rings By Getting Clustered

If you are looking for an emerald ring as a gift either for yourself - because you deserve it - or for a loved one, it can be a far cheaper experience if you decide to buy an emerald cluster ring. This type of ring contains a series of small glitzy emeralds, or even a combination of different gemstones to suit your taste in style. The reason cluster rings are generally less expensive than a ring containing a single large stone is simply that smaller gems are more abundant. It's difficult to find great-looking large emeralds, especially near-perfect ones without ugly faults and inclusions deep inside.

What this means is that you can often buy a ring with the same karat weight of gems, but the ring with lots of small emeralds is substantially cheaper than the one with a huge perfect stone. Of course, there are other ways to find cheaper rings if you are on a budget, so to find out more, carry on reading.

Beautiful Emerald Cluster Rings To Buy - Amazon Prices Can Change - Both Up And Down!

It is worth clicking for more information on many products shown here because the prices quoted are the regular Amazon price and the List price, where available. Often, though, the jewelry on Amazon can be bought at Sale Price which can offer great savings.

Smaller Emeralds Are Replaceable More Cheaply

An Exercise In Damage Limitation

Emerald is one of the softer gemstones, especially when compared to diamond or ruby. It can be scratched or chipped rather easily, so it would be heartbreaking to own a ring with a giant emerald and accidentally damage it. It would also be incredibly expensive to repair or replace - and quite possibly be out of your range of affordability if you got the ring as a cherished gift.

Choosing a sparkly ring with an emerald cluster instead of a single larger stone makes sense if you are a little clumsy. If you have a mishap and knock the ring against something hard, you might crack one or two of the small emeralds. But since these are far cheaper to buy individually, they can be easily replaced and your ring will be as good as new.

So the ongoing costs of owning such a beautiful cluster ring are spread out over a longer time period. Sticking with a single big gemstone, although it is certainly a wonderful piece of bling, is also an 'all or nothing' risk if the worst does happen.

One good tip, especially if you own a lot of jewelry with different gemstones, is ALWAYS to keep your emerald jewelry separate from everything else. It is quite common to get a piece out of the jewelry box and discover the emeralds are scratched up. Usually, it is because they have been rubbing against a diamond ring, for example, and since diamond is an incredibly hard stone, it will cause untold damage to emeralds. Be careful, and don't mix anything else with your lovely emeralds!

Mixed Gemstone Cluster Rings

Hired Muscle For Your Soft Emeralds

Of course, another way to protect emeralds in your jewelry, particularly in rings, is to set other stones around them. This can make the item of jewelry very interesting and pretty, but also serves a practical purpose. If you mix emeralds with diamonds, the latter hard stones can help protect their softer neighbors. Imagine dancing and you swing your hand and accidentally catch the ring against something hard. With a purely emerald encrusted ring, you'll be off to the jeweler's to get the damage fixed. But with an emerald and diamond cluster ring, you might escape without damage, if it was a diamond that took the impact.

And it is definitely okay to mix stones on a single piece of jewelry, as the individual stones will be set firmly in place, rather than rolling around and grinding against each other in a jewelry box.

Mixed Cluster Rings To Buy - Pretty Patterns And Practical Protection

As usual, the displayed prices shown below can often be higher than what you will actually need to pay. Click to check the products out and see if they are on special offer over at Amazon.

No Compromises - Big Emerald Please

For People Who Just Love Their Bling

Some people just love the quality and lavishness of having a huge gemstone on their finger. In fact that's what wearing jewelry is about, isn't it? Pampering yourself and wearing something totally luxurious once in a while for a special occasion. And that might mean wanting to emulate your celebrity heroes and saying no to practical or sensible cluster rings. Maybe you want a showy huge emerald instead, and have the cash to back it up!

Okay then, but don't say i didn't warn you. Remember to keep the separate box that the ring comes in, and keep the ring in it when you are not wearing it. This will make sure it isn't getting shaken up with harder jewelry in a loose jewelry box. The emerald cut is a beautiful cut for these green stones, but you might opt for something a little more unique and unusual. If you can, always go for real, natural emeralds - unless you are on a budget of course!

Single Stone Emerald Rings For Sale - Superbly Crafted Finger Bling

Click to check if they have a sale price! The discounts don't show here, because I'm pulling the regular Amazon price via their feed.

How About Some Cheap Rings?

Not Made Of Money, Huh?

Here are some tips if you love your green jewelry, but would rather not remortgage your house to get a genuine monster emerald set on a platinum band.

  • Think about the metal of the band. Platinum is very expensive, and gold - whatever color it is - can also be very expensive. For a budget option, how about trying sterling silver instead. It looks great and is very contemporary.
  • Try looking for created emeralds instead of natural ones. They are still emeralds, but lack the value of the more desirable natural stones.
  • The whole topic of this page is Cluster Rings. These can offer a much cheaper alternative to having a single huge rock on your finger.
  • If emerald is still out of your reach, or you are worried about damaging it and the whole expense which goes along with that, why not try a different stone altogether. There are other green ones to try. What about the pale green amethyst? This can be very cheap. Or green tourmaline? Cheaper than real emerald, more expensive than amethyst, and is also a darker shade of green than amethyst.

There are plenty of options out there to get your greens, whether you are looking for a massively expensive investment or creating a family heirloom; or whether you just like the color green and want a really cheap but pretty ring to wear when you are out and about.

Nice Affordable Green Gemstone Rings - Green Amethyst And Green Tourmaline

Do You Like Emeralds? - Any tips you'd like to share on buying or looking after them?

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    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 6 years ago from Pittsburgh

      My very favorite stone is the emerald. Lovely.

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 6 years ago

      Sign me up! I can certainly love some emeralds right about now. I enjoy wearing pins, rather than rings.