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Enell Sports Bra Review for Full Figured Women

Updated on January 7, 2013

Enell Sports Bras: As Seen on the Biggest Loser

The Enell Sports Bra is a breakthrough. Finally, a well-made full figure sports bra for large busted women. Praised by Oprah on her show and in O magazine, worn by contestants on The Biggest Loser, and recommended by full-figured runners, the Enell Sports Bra is great for running, jogging, or doing aerobics, because it minimizes bounce and keeps "the girls" in place. (Fits women who wear C cups, D cups, DD cups and DDD cups.)

No Bounce Sports Bra, Stays Dry, Comfortable

Enell Sports bras are comfortable to wear. This sports bra distributes the weight evenly, so that the bra straps don't dig into your shoulders. The Enell Sports Bra wicks moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable while you exercise. And the finished seams prevent chafing.

Available in Black, White, Pink, Beige and Ecru. After trying the Enell Sports Bra, you won't ever want another sports bra.

Enell Sports Bras are the Full Figured Exercise Bras for Real Women

Putting on the typical sports bra can be like using a medieval torture device. But the Enell Sports Bra fastens in the front. With front close sports bras, there's no more contorting yourself just to fasten your sports bra.

If you work out several times a week, stock up on several Enell Sports Bras. They're meant to be worn under a shirt, so keep in mind that they're not a fashion statement to be worn as workout top. But as well-endowed women who work out, we're not really trying to make a fashion statement at the expense of securing "the girls," now, are we? Didn't think so.

Be sure to follow the washing instructions (secure the fasteners, place in a mesh bag, and wash in cold water on gentle cycle or hand wash -- which many women recommend). Never put them in the dryer. Follow these instructions, and your Enell Sports Bras will last for years.

Finding the best sports bra if you're a full-figured woman is important.
Finding the best sports bra if you're a full-figured woman is important.

Enell Sports Bra Size Chart

Enell uses a unique bra size system for its sports bras. Take new measurements to find the correct size of Enell Sports Bra you need. Don't rely on your current regular bra size. While wearing your everyday bra, measure your bust and rib cage.

Enell Size
Size 0 = Bust 34-37", Rib Cage 29-31"
Size 1 = Bust 36-39", Rib Cage 31-33"
Size 2 = Bust 38-42", Rib Cage 33-35"
Size 3 = Bust 41-45", Rib Cage 35-37"
Size 4 = Bust 44-48", Rib Cage 37-39"
Size 5 = Bust 47-51", Rib Cage 39-42"
Size 6 = Bust 50-54", Rib Cage, 42-46"

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