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Engagement Poems

Updated on October 13, 2014

Engagement Poems

Getting engaged and being engaged often leads to thoughts of romance as well as to the details of wedding planning. Part of that romance can be enjoyed through poetry like love poems and sonnets.

I write poetry and know quite a bit about weddings as my husband and I own a resort and wedding venue in Colorado.

Below are some of my original poems about the wonderful and special time of the wedding engagement.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Original Engagement Poetry

A Star Shaped Diamond Ring

A star shaped setting with six clear points

Is what he's chosen for his bride

She'll wear between fourth finger joints

For she is proud with naught to hide

The girls will gather round to see

This lovely symbol of his troth

With hope they too will someday be

Preparing for their wedding oath

Carbon Hard

Carbon hard from eons packed

Is forged into this crystal form

And separated from the ore that's hacked

By miners who long days perform

With This Ring

With this ring

I thee engage

Perhaps in spring

At altar's stage

We'll stand united side by side

Before our family and our friends

And vow to each how we'll abide

The love-filled life that day portends

Gleaming Facets

Gleaming facets this diamond has

It's part of pre-wedding razzmatazz

She'll have it all their married life

This talisman of beloved wife

Many Ways to Ask Your Love

There are many ways to ask your love

For her fair hand in marriage

Consider well and you'll be most proud of

Months before the wedding carriage

Do You Know?

Do you know that an engagement ring

Need not be of a diamond clear

Consider a color sparkling

Beautiful choices are always near

Translucent Crystal

Translucent crystal within the rocks

Below the covering landscape

Arrives in a pretty ebon box

A 'fore the girl with mouth agape

He plies it on her trembling finger

To sparkle in the midday sun

And while her eyes upon it linger

The man knows that his love is won

Thank You for Reading These Poems - Congratulations on Your Engagement if You Are Recently Engaged

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