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Espadrilles for Women - Espadrille Shoes Summer 2014

Updated on September 16, 2014

Finding the right pair of Espadrilles this summer

Looking for a good pair of espadrille shoes this summer?

The lightweight espadrille is a fun shoe, adding flair to any spring and summer outfit. They are perfect for the warm weather, as they are lightweight with a flexible rope or rubber sole and with rope wrapped around the heel.

Picture credit: fashion21.comThe most common uppers are usually made of canvas or cotton fabric, but, they may also be made of leather or other materials.

Espadrilles are some of the best summer shoes around. Coming in many styles, you are sure to find a pair of espadrilles that is perfect for you. Here are a collection of espadrille shoes that are practical and fun to wear.

Best Selling Women's Espadrille Wedge

Super cute and comfortable!

indigo by Clarks Women's Indigo By Clarks Amelia Air Espadrille, Red

This is a very stylish espadrille wedge that is surprisingly comfortable from Clarks. As with many Clark shoes, the foot bed is nicely padded so you can wear them comfortable for long periods also with heal that is approximately 3.75", but with 1.5 inch platform the shoe gives height without too much strain on your foot.

The beautiful pale red is a lovely summer color and the white top stitching gives it an extra flair. Great quality with nice touches that help it keep its looks, like the extra leather in the front to prevent toes imprints.

Espadrille Flats

Espadrille Flats so Casually Stylish!

Flat espadrilles are comfortable and are stylish wherever you find yourself. The most common types are the espadrille flats with a closed toe and espadrille flat sandals

Closed Toe Espadrille Flats

Closed toe Espadrille flats come is various styles, from the classical styles with or without ankle ties to pump or ballet shaped espadrilles. Many designs are made in Spain in the age old tradition by families that have produced them for ages as well as new names, including some well known designers.

Women's Barceloneta Soft Cotton Canvas Authentic & Original

Buy Now

This is a genuine authentic espadrille made in Spain with soft cotton uppers and jute insoles, with durable rubber soles. Extremely comfortable shoes that you can wear all day. The jute keeps the shoes breathing comfortably keeping your feet sweat-free & squeaky clean!

I love these red Barceloneta espadrilles, they are probably some of the best casual espadrilles around. I really like the bright, snappy, chic, updated take on this all time classic espadrille. Comes in a bunch of fashionable colors to match any outfit. I would probably end up buying more than one color, as each one looks great!

You can not go wrong with true Spanish espadrilles.

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Women's Meg Slip On Espadrille

The Michael Michael Kors Women's Meg Slip On Espadrille is a good looking slip-on styled espadrille shoe, based on the traditional Spanish espadrille. The canvas upper with a round woven toe, the foot-bed and mid-sole are made from raffia rope, that is wrapped round, with a traction out-sole.

Naturalizer Women's Sarah Espadrille

This is a cute espadrille flat with a ballet like design, fabric upper with a dainty bow at the vamp. The sole is jute-covered, which is great for keeping your feet from getting sweaty. Overall a this is an excellent featherweight summer shoe, with a very comfortable shoe with a deceptively simple yet elegant design.

Flat Espadrille Sandals

I love the look of flat espadrille sandals, they make me think of sand,sun and beaches. The flat espadrilles look flighty yet are surprisingly sturdy, putting them on a bright sunny day and taking a walk in the park makes me feel like I am on vacation even on an ordinary day.

They are some of the best espadrilles for a day on the beach.

Nicole Women's Pout Espadrille, CamelCHECK PRICE

Gunmetal Women's Penelope T-Strap Sandal, RustCHECK PRICE

ACORN Women's Espie Tie Open-Toe Espadrille, Surf Print

What Are Espadrilles?

Originating in Pyrennean Occitania and Catalonia since the 14th century at least, espadrilles were generally made from a rope soles with the canvas uppers seamed to the soles on the sides and worn by both men and women.

Grace Kelly wearing flat espadrillesThey became popular in other parts of Spain and Southern France, but remained regional. Seem to appear outside of this region in the late 1940s and fifties, when mostly the flat and some wedge models were popular. We have pictures of quite a few famous well known personalities wearing them, such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway and even J. F. Kennedy wearing then during this period.

They probably reached their peak in popularity in the sixties and seventies, with the wedge becoming increasingly the more common choice for women. After a lull, though never really going out of style, the last couple of years have shown them increasing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Originally espadrilles were generally made with cloth or canvas uppers, with a modest wedge or flat sole. These days though cloth and canvas uppers are still the most common, uppers are now also made of leather, synthetic materials, silk, etc. And the soles come in all sorts, flats, wedges from the most modest to very high as well as other soles. The soles are now either made of rope or rubber made to look like rope. When rope is used, the most common material used is jute.

How Espadrilles are Made

This video shows the whole sequence from sorting out the hemp(jute) to the final product. Incredibly labor intensive, this will give you a whole new appreciation of what goes into handmade espadrilles from Spain.

Espadrille Wedges

Stuart Weitzman Women's Alex EspadrilleThe espadrilles wedge is probably the most common espadrilles you see on the runway. Designers seem to love the natural look of a woven wedge in contrast or harmony with various other materials.

The espadrille wedge comes in various styles, including closed-toe, open-toe, slingback, ankle wrap, ankle strap, thong, etc. Often times there will be a combination, such as a slingback with an open-toe or an ankle wrap with a closed-toe.

Slingback Espadrilles

Slingback espadrille wedges can be both closed and open toed, I really liked the look of these. They look really summery but are a step above casual, giving you are a more finished look.

Bella Vita Women's Sangria Open-Toe Espadrille

These shoes are very cute, can look casual great for the beach yet with its golden sheen it also really fits with a nice summer dress for a nice night out.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Indigo Wedge Sandal

An amazing beautiful shoe for the summer, easy to dress up or wear with casual clothes, this espadrille looks good. Runs a drop wide and the lift might be high for some, but otherwise a lovely shoe that you will wear all through the summer.

Escala Soft Ankle-Tie, Closed Toe, Classic Espadrilles

Made by VISCATA of Barcelona this comfortable, yet stylish espadrille has a very easy to walk with 2.5 inch heel and closed toe upper. The soft ankle ties add a nice fun, yet feminine touch, more casual than formal, depending on the fabric color/pattern you get you can still dress it up depending on what you wear.

A lovely leopard print with brown ankle tie, wedge espadrille

Lovely People Women's Riley Espadrille Sandal

One can't but help take notice of the contrast of the leopard print with brown accents ankle ties that won't bunch. A great dressy espadrille for the summer.

Lovely People Women's Riley Espadrille Sandal

Very Volatile Women's Cadence Espadrille Sandal

Beaded Espadrille With Spunk

I really like this shoe, the combination of the raffia and the fabulously jeweled leather upper is awesome. This espadrile slide is very striking and has a uniquely oriental feel.




ALDO Dyle - Women Wedge Sandals

An Elegant Ankle Strap Espadrille

Love this cool green and cream combo and the way they have used the upper colors in a color blocks at the bottom of the shoe. Although this is a pretty high heel (4.8") the 1.4" platform heel makes sure that it is still comfortable to walk in.

ALDO Dyle - Women Wedge Sandals

Stuart Weitzman Women's Alexlo Wedge Sandal

An original Stuart Weitzman's shoes with reasonable 2.5" heel, this espadrille wedge features a leather-lined woven strap upper that wraps around the ankle with an adjustable belt-like buckled closure at the side. The heal on this wedge espadrille is at a comfortable height and covered with rope, while the rubber bottom provides shock absorbency and traction. Also comes in a 4.5" heel version if you like a higher heel.

Stuart Weitzman Women's Alexlo Wedge Sandal

Thong Wedge Espadrilles

A cross between a flip-flop and an espadrille wedge, the thong espadrille wedges are some of the most exotic looking espadrilles available. Some even have extra decorations such as extras, like beads and sequins.

Stuart Weitzman Women's Alexlo Wedge Sandal

Made by Sbicca Shoes, the Stuart Weitzman Women's Alexlo Wedge Sandal has quite a high heel of 3.5 inches, but with the 1 inch platform it is still easy to walk in. The upper is made in a thong style with a decorative, sparkling buckled strap that brings added visual interest. It aslo has a lightly padded footbed that provides comfort wherever you go, while the heel gives you stylish silhouette .

Closed Toe Espadrilles

Closed toe espadrilles come with all heel sizes. They come in flats, low or high heels.

They also come in all the different styles, but with a closed toe. They can come in pump form, slingbacks, and ankle ties, loafer, sneakers, etc.

Coconuts by Matisse Women's Hepburn Espadrille

The Coconuts by Matisse Women's Hepburn Espadrille has a carefree style and flattering silhouette, That makes it an easy choice for pairing with your casual favorites. These shoes are extremely comfortable, and you should find them easy to walk in while touring or shopping.

Note: This style is not recommended for a wide foot, due to cross-strap which is a bit tight. ~~E. Toledo

Clssic Elegant Closed Toe Wedge Pump Espadrille

Gomax Women's Jinger Wedge Pump Espadrille

In this shoe you get a classic patent leather pump with an elegant look and a nicely jute wrapped 3 inch heel for an elegant lift. Nice cushion insole are for comfort.

Gomax Women's Jinger Wedge Pump Espadrille

White Mountain 'Mamba' Women's Sandal

Soludos Espadrilles

Soludos is a company specializing in espadrille flats, here are some of their more popular ones. Soludos Espadrilles have an all cotton upper to provide comfort and a woven and tightly bound natural eco-friendly jute sole that breathes.

Soludos Women's Espadrilles

This is one of the most popular, this classic espadrille is easy to slip into and comfortable to wear. Since the canvas stretches to fit so you can buy them a little tight.

Toms Espadrilles

TOMS Shoes give a free pair of shoes to the needy for every pair sold. There are probably best known for the TOMS Slip-on, usually with a regular rubber sole. But they do have those slip-ons with a jute sole, also known as the TOMS espadrille. These espadrilles shoes are well made, they are worth getting, especially as you get to do a good deed as well.

Toms Classic Espadrille Slipons by TOMS

Vaporetto Wedge
A red canvas espadrilles w/ blue and beige twill ties

Choose from nearly 100 name brands at discount prices. Most items qualify for free overnight shipping!

50+ espadrilles to choose from. Free shipping!

Great styles, with many under $25!

Over 500 brands, styles, & colors to choose from!

Nice collection of espadrille shoes

Please comment!

How do you like the espadrille shoes in this lens?

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    • Wilson Lisa profile image

      Wilson Lisa 

      4 years ago from Hong Kong

      It looks chic. Great len.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm here because I wanted to find out what type of shoes these were. And I'm impressed that you created a complete shoe store.

    • Spiderlily321 profile image


      6 years ago

      I love these shoes! They are all so cute. I always see girls wearing them. I keep saying I need to get a pair, but I haven't yet. After reading your lens, I have decided that I am definitely going to get a pair soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rangoon House profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      I just love espadrilles and could so very serious paypal damage on this lens. If I absolutely had to refine my options, I would have to take the Ralph Lauren Damian. Congratulations for your selection of such temptation.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      6 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Love these shoes! I think they take my mind back to the 1970s when jute was everywhere. If I had to choose one, well, choosing just one would be tough!


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