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LV (Louis Vuitton) Damier ebene Eva clutch review

Updated on May 26, 2012
The eva clutch with its gold colored chain
The eva clutch with its gold colored chain

I recently purchased a Louis Vuitton Damier ebene Eva clutch. For those that are not familiar with handbag brands, Louis Vuitton is a premier French designer that sells handbags, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, travel bags and other accessories. It is a well known luxury brand with fans all over the world. This hub is my review of the Damier ebene Eva. Hope you will find it helpful.

My Eva clutch is in the Damier ebene print: dark checkered canvas with dark brown leather trims. The leather is treated so you don't have to very careful with it. Unlike light leather trims, the treated dark brown leather will not get any darker or show its age. The eva has a very delicate gold colored chain that can be used as a shoulder strap or wrist chain. The chain can be taken off from one side and reattach it to the other side. However, it cannot be completely removed. The Eva also comes with a long leather strap that can be attached to both sides to make it into a cross body bag. If you are petite (under 5'4''), it will fell below your bum when the long strap is used. If the long length of the leather strap bothers you, another short length strap can be purchased separately at the boutique. As with all ebene print bags, the interior has a red cloth lining. There are no pockets or other compartment inside. You will only have one space to carry all your belongings. This clutch is wide but not deep so you will not be able to fit large objects. The gold placard has Louis Vuitton and some other writing on it. The pleating on both sides of the bag make it appear more elegant.

its beautiful red interior
its beautiful red interior

I really like this little bag because it can be used in so many different ways. It can fit inside your totes such as the Neverfull and function as you wallet or make up pouch. For nice outings with family and friends, it transforms itself into a nice little shoulder bag or wristlet. When you are attending a formal event, the Eva is a gorgeous clutch that makes the whole outfit even more amazing. The thing that I liked the most about this bag is the leather strap that comes with it. With this long strap, you can use it into a causal little cross body bag. With five different uses and a classic design, it is a highly versatile piece.

The Eva clutch comes in other colors as well. There are people that don't like dark colored handbags. For those that like the shape and functionality but not its colors, there are two more color combinations available. The azur is perfect for summer with light canvas and leather. The monogram is noticeably Louis Vuitton with dark canvas and light leather. I recommend going down to your local Louis Vuitton boutique and look at the different clutches in person. You will be able to find the right color combinations for your own preferences.

What is not great about the Eva? Since I am doing a review here, I want to talk about some of the things that I don't really like about the Eva. Although not as small as you think, this bag is still on the smaller side for those that carry lots of stuff. An oversized clutch will definitely fit lots more for women that must carry many items with them at all times. If you have a full size wallet, it would barely fit inside and is difficult for you to take it out. The gold colored placard gets scratch marks on it, you will have to watch out for hard objects.

Would I recommend this bag to others? It's a yes from me and I hope my review helped you understand the Eva inside out. However, if you don't like to carry what others are carrying, this clutch is not for you. Due to its functionality and classic looks, lots of women have this piece in their collection. For women that carry lots of stuff or have to carry a full sized wallet all the time, this is not the bag for you. Other than what I mentioned above, everyone else would love to have this little Louis Vuitton purse in their collections.


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      I am 5'3''.

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      6 years ago

      Hi, may i know what is your height?


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