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How Hair Jewelry Became Everlasting Fashion Item?

Updated on August 12, 2013

Want To Look Like Alice in Wonderland?

From J Lo to Scarlett Johannson, everyone has been seen sporting a piece of hair jewelry at some time or the other. The red carpet always calls for the best foot forward but for some time now we have been seeing the best head forward. Armani, the brand, flaunted tasseled head accessories last fall.

How To Dress Like Movies Stars

Take Advantage of Your Hair!

Want to create a retro style with elbow gloves and black dress? Try a crystal or rhinestone flower or butterfly on one side on the head with side parting. This style automatically gives you an old Hollywood look. Actresses like JLo and Eva Longoria have worked on these hair accessories and made it their own.

As you have heard eyebrows can change a woman's face, hair jewelry does the same. For one, it will make anyone curious enough to look at your face. Back of the head or neck hair jewelry had a curiosity factor to it. If you follow an idol like Lady Gaga, go for shocking displays of jewelry like the spider with a gray net.

What other different hair ornaments have been seen till date and can be created by you? Keep reading


Lady Gaga's Outrageous Head Pieces

Look at hair jewelry of your celebrities

Lady Gaga, her every headpiece may not quality as jewelry but then she makes it a point to use head gear which catches attention. If you have seen Beyonce's video 'Run the world', you will see she has made it a point to wear a Middle Eastern looking hat in the very beginning.

Like Elisabeth Taylor, Like Nicole Kidman

Troy depicting the Romans showed quite a few women wear head pieces given the culture which is duplicated across many stores today. The era of flapper dress show a merging of design between a head band made of velvet of cloth with a small diamond clip. If you are enrolling yourself in a costume ball, wearing the flapper dress with this particular headpiece will make you look like from that time.

Classic 'Passion' Item

Jessica Alba and Evan Rachel Wood have addresses the classic chignon with diamond encrusted hair forks as their signature style. Scarlett Johansson looks herself whenever she sports the jeweled head band pieces with either flowers made with gem stones or something else.

Vera Wang, the designer, went back to Greece with her style of olive branches shaped into a headband made of gold plating.

For Those With Short Hair - You can still wear hair jewelry

hair accessories
hair accessories

Simple sparkly bobby hair pins or colorful crystal headbands are best suggested. The style has been imitated by Rihanna and won her the fashion critics award. Emma Watson instead went for a diamond encrusted butterfly clip at the back of her neck and yet succeeded.

With so many examples of celebrities sporting hair jewelry, it is only obvious that hair jewelry is played up from time to time.

Great Hair Jewelry Tip!

Simple but Elegant

Meanwhile, when everyone was sporting different pieces, Nicole Richie decided to open her own jewelry store with one of her hair jewelry items becoming her signature designs. The inspiration has been mostly tribal from time to time and has kept the stringy headband simple and elegant.

While she has been seen wearing her own headpiece a lot, celebrities like Kim Kardashian has also been wearing it. Misha Barton and twin sisters, Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate have also shown their fondness for hair jewelry.

Another Fancy Hair Jewelry

Tassels Without Sticks

Kim Kardashian instead showed us so by wearing chain tassels at the back of her head with an elegant pony. Isabel Lucas decided to wear the Indian style head jewelry, the 'tika', with a few similar earrings to the Met Gala.

If you want to venture towards to East and Europe, you can wear something similar to the Egyptian head pieces which either cover the whole head or can just be connected via gems and stones.


Baguette Head Jewelry as Headband

More than one occasion, the baguette head jewelry as a headband is very famous sported by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Drew Barrymore. If you follow Paris Hilton, you will see she always wears some kind of hair jewelry whether as clips or headbands.

Bezoek onze haar sieraden of oorbellen winkel

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