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Everything under 5 pounds

Updated on October 31, 2014

All the best clothes for under 5 pounds

Hey guys and girls. I wanna tell you about my new website called I am a student, and i love to spend money! (i know we all do) So i decided to set up a website where i can buy clothes all year round but at an affordable cost for me and everybody else.

I checked out the market regarding fashion, but there didn't seem to be anybody selling clothes for under £5. Sure there are sites that are "everything £5" but i wanted something cheaper.

I aim to put out the best deals online at this current moment. There is no need to search around for the best cheap dresses or the cheapest mens t shirts as i have already done all the hard work for you!

I would love it if you checked my site out as well as giving me feedback. I want to know what items you would like to see on there. I will find it for you as long as its under £5.

Everything Under 5 Pounds

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