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My Review of St. Ives Even and Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Exfoliating Body Wash

Updated on October 17, 2016

Exfoliating body wash helps remove dry skin, and improve the overall appearance of our skin. Most skin types will benefit from using an exfoliating body wash. The levels of exfoliants vary, some are light and some are rather harsh. I find that my skin does well with a lighter exfoliant. The problem is that most exfoliants seem to be rather harsh and can actually cause some irritation since I have sensitive skin. I have tried countless exfoliating body wash products over the years. Finally finding one that suits all my sensitive skin needs.

I really enjoy the fragrance that fills my shower as I use my Even and Bright body wash.
I really enjoy the fragrance that fills my shower as I use my Even and Bright body wash.

Even and Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Exfoliating Body Wash

Even and Bright Pink Lemon And Mandarin Exfoliating Body Wash. I must admit I was prepared to dislike this simply based on the thought of the scent. I figured it would be a harsh overpowering citrus scent. I was WRONG! It has an extremely well balanced sweet citrus scent. I closed my eyes and was instantly whisked away to a tropical oasis. Okay, I never really left the shower but you get my point!

The product is exceptional, the exfoliating granules are super fine. So fine I could not see them in the product at all. I almost thought it was just a regular body wash! Absolutely gentle enough for everyday use too. A big plus for me since I always suffer dry itchy skin in the winter time! As well has dry skin on my knees and elbows year round.

Fall and Winter Skin Issues

I am so pleased with this product, my skin feels and looks great. This time of year my skin is usually overly dry. I usually end up with ashy knees and elbows all year. I assume because in the winter months I have the heat running and that simply dries me out more than normal. In the summer months I assume it is because I spend so much time gardening! Whatever the cause I always find it a bit embarrassing to wear short sleeves or shorts with my dry knees and elbows showing. After just the first use of my Even and Bright exfoliating body wash I noticed improvements. As I continued to use my body wash, my ashy knees and elbows were no longer an issue! I also noticed that my overall skin tone had improved, and a renewed youthful glow was shining through.

Budget Friendly Exfoliating Body Wash

Next to having soft smooth skin my other favorite thing about this body wash is the price. This is a very large bottle compared to other body washes. In fact it is HUGE! My bottle lasted 5 months, with both myself and my fiance' using it! This is what I like to call a super budget buy! A huge bottle that you can usually find for under $3.00 at any big box retail store.

Normally products do not come in such large containers and you have to replace them every month. With this body wash a little goes a long way to polishing your dry skin. It will last for a good while without needing to be replaced as often as some of your other personal care items. To me it is almost like getting it for free. How often do you find a product on the cheap that lasts so long with two adults using it? Almost never! So that $3.00 works out to just cents a month for as long as it lasts.


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SeaSationals 5-6" Loofah Sampler 3-Pack - includes Egyptian, Mayan & Traditional Loofahs
SeaSationals 5-6" Loofah Sampler 3-Pack - includes Egyptian, Mayan & Traditional Loofahs

These are the same loofah sponges we use in my home. A greener way to get clean and last much longer than their plastic counterparts. It also takes less soap or body wash to get a good lather going when using a traditional loofah.


Using Even and Bright Body Wash

There are many ways that people use exfoliating body washes, and no shortage of applicators on the market to go with them. Over the years I have found some methods of applying exfoliating body washes to be more beneficial than others.

  • Plastic Loofah

I find the oh so popular shower loofah to be a waste of money. The woven plastic ball of fluff that usually comes with a string attached so you can put it around your wrist while you bathe. It takes so much product to get a good lather going with a loofah. It is like throwing money down the drain. Loofahs are extremely disposable too, they do not tend to last for very long around my house. Always falling apart and becoming more of a pain to use.

  • Shower Mitt

A shower mitt is much like a glove. You put it on your hand and scrub away. I feel awkward when using these. They are available rather cheaply, but this is a one size fits most product. So having smaller than average hands for a woman, these are just not worth fighting with in the shower. As they are priced fairly cheap, you get what you pay for. Often times you are left with little fuzzies all over, or they fall apart rather quickly.

  • Sea Sponge Loofah

I am unsure why everyone calls these sea sponges. They are actually grown from a plant. I really find these to be my favorite method to apply exfoliating body wash. Sea sponge loofahs start dry and soften as you add water. They do retain some stiffness to aid in removing dead skin. With many larger holes you get a great lather without losing a lot of product in the process. They also dry out very quickly. So unlike other shower accessories I do not have to worry about mold as an issue. These will last for some time too. They return to their hard dry state after use. I also feel great about these because they are plant based and sustainable. Even when one is past its prime I do not have to worry about tossing it out, I can even toss it in my compost bin.


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