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Exposed Yet Vibrant

Updated on December 19, 2012

Fall Make-Up Trends In 2012-13

Contrasting make-up looks,

nude complexion with bright and vibrant colors,

along with the graphic effect and wide eyes are all in this Fall-winter of 2012-2013

Here are some makeup styles for Fall-Winter 2012 products.

Color for Fall 2013

Wide Eyebrows - Thick and dark colored eyebrows are in, avoid having thin eyebrows.

Orange/Fruity Eye-Shadow - Big, bright eyes and orange cosmetics over them is the pattern followed by many designers in the Fall of 2012-2013. Have a bit of ora

Gaudy Eyeliner - Use of the flashy eyeliner to create a graphic effect is seen on runways. Use eyeliner to draw long curvy lines on your eyelid.

Smoky Light - With natural and nude foundation look smoky eyes are gone smokier . Green Smokey is in too.

Covering Eye-Lid - From lash line up till the brows fill your eyelids with color.

Pomegranate Pout - Classic make-up style this winter: only color on the lips, pomegranate pout and a minimal eye-shadow.

Spidery Lashes - The graphic artistic look is in, use of bright colored mascara and spider lashes are in.

Matte Red Lips - Mat red color on the lips, creates an intense look.

Kohl Underline - Smudged Kohl under the lower eyelid has become another trend this Fall.

Silvery Touch on Eye Corners - Having a bit of silver eyes shadow on the corners of the eyes makes your eyes pop out, and look appealing on a natural foundation

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Flashy Mascara - Thanks to the nude look this season, eyelashes can have a graphic effect with flashy blue or orange mascaras on them.

Become even more BEAUTIFUL with these makeup styles.

Choose the one which suits your style

Fall makeup trends mentioned above are seen worn by top models on the ramp. Choose the one which suits your style, and works well in giving you a trendy outlook. May that be flashy mascara, or red matte lips, experiment with your look and become even more beautiful with these makeup styles.

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