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Best Extra Wide Slippers For Swollen Feet, Diabetics, Or People With Poor Foot Health

Updated on August 11, 2013

Wide Slippers For Diabetics & People With Swollen Or Deformed Feet

When your foot health deteriorates to a point where normal shoes and slippers are hard to fit properly or find at all it's important to find a good pair of extra large slippers to protect your feet from further injury or deterioration of health.

Diabetes in particular is associated with neuropathy of the feet and irreparable foot injuries. Many diabetics have to go through amputations due to poor foot health.

The slippers featured below are not going to ensure your feet stay healthy but they will increase your chances. They are non-binding, relatively loose fitting, have soft interiors, and sturdy exteriors which make them able to protect the foot against bumps, scraps, cuts, and punctures.

This page is not attempting to feature exciting slippers that look amazing, it's focus is to provide reference to the best possible slippers for those with the poorest of foot health. If anything I hope these slippers can protect you from foot ulcers, infection, and even amputation.

Pictured in the upper left are Silvert's Extra Wide Men's Slippers. These have a huge adjustable strap on the top of the foot to accommodate the needs of the extra wide or deep foot.

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Extra Wide Mens Slippers

Extra Wide Adjustable Slippers

Extra Wide Adjustable Health Slippers

Memory Foam Health Slippers

Care Apparel EdemaBoots (tm) Slippers

Edema Slipper Boots

Diabetes And Foot Deformities

Why Caring For Your Feet Is So Important

As you browse through the featured items above and below let me tell you a story of a good friend of mine. His father had diabetes and didn't protect his feet around the house very well. As a result he got small sores on his feet and ankles somewhat frequently.

One day when he was fixing some leaky pipes in his basement one of his wounds became infected from the dirty water. Because of his condition his wounds weren't able to heal and day by day they grew worse until his foot was amputated.

As unfortunate as this is it is all to common. Around the house people with poor foot health get a bit lazy with their defenses and small wounds set in. In the home this is even more common than out of the home and it's why it's more important than ever to protect the feet in the home.

Decent outdoor shoes cost much more than even the best house shoe sold today. These are some of the best investments you can make in your mobility as you age in my opinion.

A Few More Wide Slipper Socks To Try Out

Quality slippers are the best way to protect your feet around the home but they can be a bit expensive for some people. One alternative is to wear high quality diabetic socks around the house.They won't protect the foot as well but will be much better than nothing at all. Below I've listed a few good options for you to try.

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