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The Thick Eyebrow Trend is Hot - Get the Look!

Updated on September 25, 2015

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows must the frame! And nowadays, all eyes are on thick, untamed ones. More is more, ladies!

So what is it about the two dark glories that make them so hot? Essentially, they frame your face, it's natural, and it makes you look young. And think about it, it's the only facial hair us ladies display. Can't resist that one! On the other hand, a thin brow looks granny-ish and kind of skanky. Don't you agree?

The Anastasia Brow Wiz is the most popular for arching your eyebrow

Perfect Eyebrows History

The idea of the perfect brow is an evolving one.

- During the Renaissance, the trend was to have barely there eyebrows, which back then symbolized innocence

- During the 18th Century, the school of thought was that the thicker the brow, the better, even by achieving it with the help of some animal fur! Yes, really

- In the 80's, the busy, natural brow look gained fraction with celebrities like Brooke Shields

- The current bold brow trend started in around 2013 when it showed up on the runway with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney

Tattoo Makeup for Thicker Eyebrows

Micro-color infusion, aka tattoo makeup is another alternative to getting full brows, without all the work. Hollywood A-listers go this route with the infamous tattoo makeup artist, Dominique Bossavy.

Which eye brow style is your favorite?

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How to Use an Eyebrow Pencil to Get a Natural Brow

Shaping and filling is the key to getting the perfect natural brow.

To start, pluck only any stray hairs around your brows (or get those strays threaded).

Next, trim your eyebrows by combing them straight up and snipping only the longest hairs (unless you're going for that unruly wild look!).

If you're brows aren't as thick as you want them to be and you want them to grow in, use a brow pencil to fill in gaps that is a little darker than your natural hair to keep them looking full until the shape you want grows in.

To keep your brows looking polished and together, use a clear gel. A gel like the Urban Decay Urban Brow Styling Brush and Setting Gel uses a mini-brush that's very effective for grooming and keeping your brows looking natural.

DIY Brow Thickening Serum

If you have some hairless spots on your eyebrows, there's a solution for that! And not just any solution, it's a DIY you can make from ingredients sold at the local Trader Joe's.
The concoction involves:

  • castor oil
  • vitamin E oil
  • argan oil

Combine the three oils in equal parts and using a q-tip before bed, dab it on your brows before bed
and don't take if off until you wash your face in the morning.

Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows

Cara Delevingne’s gorgeous full eyebrows are the envy of many!
Cara Delevingne’s gorgeous full eyebrows are the envy of many! | Source


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      Wendi Pembridge Skilling 19 months ago from Overland Park, KS

      I kinda like it.. :)

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      JR Krishna 19 months ago from India

      Nice. I like it

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      Anna 19 months ago from New York, NY

      I'm also liking the thick eyebrow thing @lyoness913 and @thumbiz. It's so natural looking

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