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Eyeshadow colors for brown, green, hazel and blue eyes

Updated on December 26, 2011

What color eyeshadow makes brown eyes pop? Ever curious to find out which eyeshadow colors flatter your eyes the most? After all, eyes are the most important features on our faces that most people notice right away. I am all about fashion, beauty and looking my best. This hub is all about eyeshadow colors for brown eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes and blue eyes. This is based on my own experience and observation. I hope you will enjoy it.

What color eyeshadow makes brown eyes pop? – Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world. Most women have brown eyes. So that's why it is appropriate to start talking about that color first. Brown eyes will go with most colors. Blue eyeshadow works for you. A light minty green is gorgeous for brown eyes as well. You can also wear neutrals like browns and tans. Purples can be wore for causal parties, romantic dates, clubbing and more. However, green eyeshadow is one of the best eye shadow colors for brown eyes.

Which colors are for green eyes – Green eyes are very pretty and exotic. It will standout more with a purple / lavender colored eyeshadow. On the color wheel, green is directly opposite of purple which means these two color will make the other pop. Other than purple / lavender, all colors that have a hints of purple or pink would look gorgeous on you. Furthermore, other colors are great for you too. Browns and other neutrals are also good to wear for office, interviews and other purposes.

Hazel eyes – Hazel eyes are a mixture of colors and look really pretty under the sun. It is similar to green eyes and brown eyes combined. If you have more browns in your eyes, you should select eyeshadow colors that are more flattering for brown eyes but with slightly darker shades. Darker shades make lighter eyes pop out more; while lighter shades will complement darker eyes. Since hazel eyes (that are similar to brown colors) are lighter than browns, you should go with a darker shade of minty green or browns. On the other hand, if you have lots of greens in your hazel eyes, you should go for a purple color. Dark purples tend to work better on hazel eyes than lighter purple.

Cute makeup ideas for blue eyes? – Lots of people think that blue eyes are the most beautiful. No doubt, this color is the rarest out of all the eye colors. However, all eyes are beautiful when it is complemented with the color that is most flattering for it. Blue eyes with blue eyeshadow is terrible and you should never attempt it. Lots of color flatter blue eyed girls. Browns tend to give you a very girl next door look. Soft pinks, corals and other light pink colors are the most flattering for a woman with blue eyes. It will make you look like a princess. How to apply eyeshadow to blue eyes to give you this effect? Don't use a black eyeliner or mascara. Select a light brown eyeliner to line the eyes. You should use a soft brown mascara to thicken and elongate your eyelashes. After that, use a few different coral colors to put on the eyes to give you that princess look. You can achieve this look by putting a light coral eyeshadow all over the lid. Then, you should select a darker coral or pink to contour the eyes at the crease. At the inner corner of the eyes, use a shimmering white to make your eyes pop even more. However, colors like green or purple is less flattering for blue eyes.


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    • caramellatte profile image

      caramellatte 5 years ago

      Cool hub! Voted up.:)

    • profile image

      gchicnotes 5 years ago

      Good beauty/make-up information and easy to understand. Voted up.