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Facial Hair Removal Tips - Laser Facial Hair Removal and More

Updated on September 20, 2014

Facial hair removal is an issue that traditionally only concerned men. This is because men typically grow facial hair and women usually don't. This is not always the case however. There are plenty of women out there who have unwanted facial hair that they are both embarrassed and ashamed to have. Today we'll be talking about both facial hair removal for men and women.

The most common method of facial hair removal fore men is shaving. Men have been shaving their beards from the dawn of time. The tools and techniques that men use to shave with have changed over the years but the act of shaving has not. Throughout certain periods of time in history facial hair was considered acceptable for men and during other times in history facial hair was considered to be taboo.

The women who have facial hair generally only have hair on the upper lip and it usually doesn't grow very thick like on a man. There are women however, that cruel facial hair almost just like men. Nearly all women have some facial hair hair on their upper lip but it is usually fine and light in color. Some women have hair on their lip that is dark and unwanted.

There are several methods of hair removal that women have to choose from. Of course the easiest is shaving but many women don't want to be burdened with this day in and day out chore. Women tend to look for longer lasting solutions to their unwanted hair. These methods includes laser hair removal, electrolysis, facial hair removal cream, intense pulsed light hair removal, or plucking.

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Facial Hair Removal By Shaving

The most common method of facial hair removal is shaving. Shaving is accomplished by either using a very sharp razor blade or an electric razor. In early times, shaving was done with what is called a straight razor. A straight razor is a finely crafted cutting tool used to shave a persons facial hairs. It takes a great degree of skill to shave with a straight razor and this method of shaving is relatively obscure in these modern times.

In modern times shaving is usually performed with what has come to be known as a safety razor. A safety razor is simply a handheld razor that has between one to five razor blades safely enclosed in a metal or plastic cartridge. Safety razors can be disposable or they can have replaceable blade cartridges.

Shaving with a safety razor is almost always performed with the use of shaving cream or a shaving gel to lubricate the face and make the shaving process easier. There are dozens of brands of shaving creams and shaving gels on the market for people to choose from these days. The choice of brands typically comes down to personal preference as many of them work in the same way. Their main function is to soften the whiskers and lubricate the face to make shaving easier and prevent cuts.

Many men prefer to shave with an electric razor. There are basically two types of electric razors for men to choose from. The first uses one or more horizontal foils with hundreds of tiny holes. As the razor is moved over the face, the whiskers enter the little holes and are sheared off by a vibrating cutting head on the underside of the foil.

The second type of electric razor typically has three discs with tiny grooves cut into them. To shave with this type the razor, the person moves the electric razor in small circular motions on their face. These small circular motions cause the whiskers to poke through the small grooves. The whiskers are then cut off by a rotating cutter underneath each disk.

Many people who shave with electric razors apply a pre shaving liquid to their face which causes the whiskers to stiffen and stand upright. This makes it easier to achieve a close shave with an electric razor.

Whether a safety razor or an electric razor is used, it's common to use and aftershave lotion on the freshly shaved skin. Aftershave lotion soothes the skin from any irritation that may have developed from shaving.

Shaving with a safety razor generally gives you the closest shape but the advancements in electric razors have made it possible to get very close shaves with them as well.

Facial Hair Removal With Lasers

Laser facial hair removal is becoming more and more popular, especially with women. This type of hair removal actually works by a process called selective photothermolysis (SPTL). This basically means that the laser causes heat in the hair follicle and that heat damages the follicle which makes it more difficult for hair to regrow.

Laser hair removal would be more accurately called laser hair reduction since it does not permanently destroy the hair follicle and prevent the hair from ever regrowing, As the hair follicle heals and recovers, the hair will generally regrow.

The hair that does regrow will grow slower than before and be finer in appearance. With repeated sessions of laser hair removal, the number of hairs that regrow become fewer and fewer. The best combination for optimal results with laser hair removal is light skin and dark hair.

Laser hair removal doesn't work as well on light colored hair. This generally isn't a problem however because women who have light colored hair are generally not as concerned about it since the hair is not as visible as dark facial hair would be. That's not to say that laser hair removal cannot be performed on like colored hair. It just works better on dark hair.

This is because of of a substance in the hair follicle called melanin. Melanin is responsible for pigmentation in skin and hair. Light colored hair has very little melanin in it and conversely dark colored hair has a lot of melanin in it.

As the laser is aimed at the hair follicle, the darkest portions of the follicle absorbs the heat from the laser. Since light colored objects usually reflect heat and dark colored objects usually absorb heat, the surrounding light colored skin is generally not affected by the laser.

While laser hair removal has traditionally been done on women, male laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

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