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Facial Laser Hair Removal

Updated on September 2, 2010

Laser hair removal especially around the facial area can easily be treated and removed , with a wide range of products on the market, There are now even products that can permanently remove the hair itself using a laser procedure.

Facial laser hair removal for some women is a daily routine. According to studies there are over 18,000,000 women that remove their facial hair on a weekly basis.If you have facial hair, laser hair removal is is but one option as we will discuss. Now that's a dam lot a hair! so obviously the big players who sell these products know the market and profit potential .And are improving on these products with growing technology and innovation. And at such a vast rate that consumers demand has created sellers to diversify and create even a better experience for the consumer. Massive selection of products to fill their needs.

Causes of facial hair

There are a variety of causes for hair that seem to grow on some women and not others. And there is actually a name for this called "hirsutism" which can have a number of of underlying causes such as.
It may well be medical reasons, but the major cause seems to be hereditary,..  passed down through the family line  either from a male or female gene (that's Mom or Dad). So unfortunately in the case of natural causes such as hereditary all one can do is maintain the  cause. Another natural cause is approaching middle aged, around this time the body may trigger an overproduction of hormones, that produce facial hair.

Removing Facial Hair

 To the more common methods of removing hair which are using  basic tweezers, or bleaching, to the more used method which is waxing. There are the expensive range of products that will permanently remove facial hair, and is a best seller in the beauty market. It is the use of a laser to remove hair  for a more permanent results. This is a more expensive approach  but worth it if you are looking for a more permanent solution. It is strongly advised not to use a razor or shaver to remove facial hair as this will only cause the stub of the hair to show through even  more as a result of using shavers.


Length of time

There is a certain time frame for hair that will grow back when using any methods for removing facial hair . If tweezers are used  this can give you 2 to 4 weeks of time, as is the same with bleaching which involves using creams. A rarely used method  which is also popular is depilatories that involves the use of a solution that dissolves the hair using this method will give you at least 4 to 8 weeks. The use of laser was only to be used by legal registered practitioners but it seems times have changed, and the use of laser hair removal is more lite weight and compact and made for easy use to the consumer. Which means you no longer have to be a practitioner to own one for personal use it's never been easier to, use one. and the demand for these products has taken the beauty industry by storm.  

Your Local M.D

 Your local MD will have sound information, some may even prescribe you with vaniqa which is a prescribed medication and can only be obtained through you local MD. Your local doctor may even give you contacts to help you with the financial side concerning laser facial hair removal cost and prices, it's good to know the total cost before spending any money.If done under sugery then facial laser hair removal cost around $5oo to a $1000. Find the best solution for your needs.. So firstly admit you have a facial hair growth issue, find out if it is caused by medical or hereditary reasons. Once you know, then you can treat the problem head on, finding the best way for you and what meets your personal requirements  and then you will be more aware of how to either maintain or permanently  remove that unwanted facial hair.


How To Remove Facial Hair


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    • JulieCarlson profile image


      8 years ago from Chicagoland

      I have a friend who battles with facial hair. I am going to send her this article. It's good.


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