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Easy Facial Hair Removal

Updated on August 2, 2009

Many popular facial hair removal methods on the market these days offer only a temporary solution to getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Some methods offer more instant results than others. In this article I will discuss the various options for removing facial hair, their ease of use and results gained.

Shaving is not a very good option for a woman wanting to get rid of unsightly facial hair. Oftentimes facial hair on women is very fine and oftentimes almost unnoticeable. If you shave these tiny hairs the regrowth, which will occur in as soon as twenty four hours, will be thicker, darker and definitely more noticeable.

Depilatory or hair-removal creams work for some women. Facial skin is notoriously very sensitive, and oftentimes the harsh chemicals in these types of cream can irritate and redden your skin. They remove unwanted hair, and the regrowth takes longer than if the area was shaved. Still, they're not really the best option for long term use when it comes to facial hair removal.

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Waxing hurts.  Again, on sensitive facial skin, you may find that waxing is just too painful to keep up.  It takes a lot longer for hair regrowth, but even so you would still need to wax fairly often to keep your face free from unsightly hair.

Threading is a method popular originally in India and Asian countries.  Running a thin, twisted cotton thread over the hair plucks the hair out at the follicle level. It is now becoming a very popular method of hair removal in Western countries also, and you can even buy special threading kits online.

Laser hair removal is a very popular choice for women.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not totally permanent although you do get long lasting results using this method. Laser hair removal is expensive and you often have to go back for several visits to achieve the results you are after.  If it is within your budget it is worthwhile considering this method.

Another popular method for removing unwanted hair, which is more permanent, is using electrolysis. Tiny electric shocks are inserted into each hair follicle, killing the root of the hair and effectively stopping hair regrowth. Again, as with laser hair removal, you may need several visits to complete this treatment.  Electrolysis is a very expensive treatment, and not for everyone either as it can irritate or even scar skin tissue.

If none of the above methods are to your liking, there are some simple homemade treatments for facial hair removal that you could try.  I can't guarantee how effective they will be, and there is always the risk of skin irritation but at least they are cheap and easy to try.  For example, you can apply a mask made out of lemon juice, sugar and water on your facial hair and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes then rinse it off.  Alternatively, a facial mask of honey and lemon juice is apparently just as effective. You can even mix turmeric with milk, apply that mixture to your face then scrub it off! 


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