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DIY Jeans Project for Your Old Jeans

Updated on December 29, 2016
Do it yourself Jeans
Do it yourself Jeans

Do it Yourself Jeans - Jeans Makeover

Once old jeans become faded after many times of washing them, some people get rid of their faded jeans. But jeans that have become faded can be recycled and made-over. Faded jeans can be colored again with a dye called Rit. This dye can be purchased at Walmart or Kmart. The Rit dye comes in many different colors: denim blue, black, navy blue, dark red, yellow, green, purple, etc. Follow the instructions on the Rit label to have your colored jeans come out as best they can.


Your faded jeans can also be recycled as shorts, by cutting the leg part off of the pants. For your shorts you can sew lace at the end of each leg, or you can flip the leg part up and sew the flip on the leg. Faded pants can be transferred into cute shorts.


Also faded jeans can be bleached in a bucket, make sure the bucket is sat in a bathtub first. One reason to bleach faded jeans is to take most of the color out of them, this way you can leave them "bleach-faded" or color the jeans into a new color. When the jeans are placed in a bucket: add warm water, one tablespoon of dish liquid, and 1-2 cups of bleach. Then after the jeans are free of color after about 2-5 hours, rinse the jeans in cold water.

You can make your faded jeans even more creative by coloring the pockets a different color than the pants. First, cut the thread around the pockets off of the pants, and then color the pockets with Rid dye.

Besides, most 'outlet clothing stores' makeover faded jeans then they sell them to customers. This is a cool idea because it's better to recycle and makeover faded jeans than to throw them in the trash.

Preserve New Jeans

One way to "prevent old jeans from becoming faded" is to turn them inside out, then wash all your jeans in ‘cold water’ and not hot water.

Another idea is to keep the upper part of the faded jeans as they are, then color the remainder of the pants leg another color. This will give your jeans a two-tone color effect.

Rugged Jeans

There's a jean style that has been around for years; cutting a couple of holes in the jeans gives them a rugged appearance. Sometimes the holey jeans can be worn with leggings under them, or just wear the holey jeans without the leggings. Another way to wear the holey jeans is to sew a fabric color of your choice under the spots where you cut the holes in. The jean make-under for holey jeans can be cut into small holes or big holes. I hope you like these DIY Old Jeans makeover and make-under ideas. It will help you save money and give you a creative hobby to do with old jeans.

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Make Old Jeans into Skinny Jeans

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