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How To Make Embellished Insertion Stitches on Clothes | Sewing Basic Embellish Stitch

Updated on June 19, 2012

Decorative Insertion Stitches on Clothes

Insertion stitch is also called faggoting stitch. Insertion stitch is one of the decorative dressmaking fashion technique in which pieces of fabrics are joined together with thread to create open decorative seams.

You can twist the insertion stitch to fill narrow gaps in clothes to create a luxurious and elegance effect. You can use any fabric for inserting stitches. You can combine any type of fabrics and thread to join the fabrics together to create simple and great looking clothes.

Several types of garment can be made using insertion stitches to create embellished style clothes, such as winter coats, evening clothes plus others.

Many people find it easy to embellish their clothes with insertion stitches by hand sewing. Others use faggoting machine to sew the stitches on. You can also insert stitches using rouleau techniques.


Types Of Insertion Stitches

There are many types of stitches used to make fagot clothes. The 3 basic faggoting stitches are the simple, twisted and knotted faggoting stitches.

Try using different threads on different fabrics to work out how they will look like. Choose how you want the finished fabric to look like. You can do this by using thread to stitch the two pieces of fabrics very close or wider apart to produce different decorative effect.

These are some of the types of insertion stitches used in dressmaking:

  • Simple insertion stitch
  • Twisted insertion stitch
  • Knotted insertion stitch
  • Woven insertion stitch
  • Buttonhole insertion stitch
  • Blundled insertion stitch
  • Antique seams


Types of Fabrics Used For Inserting Stitches on Clothes

The type of insertion stitch technique used in making clothes will determine the kind of fabric you will use. Insertion stitches can be used for most stiff fabrics, silk fabrics, lightweight fabrics, such as summer dresses, underwear, blouses, dressing gown.

If you want to know which insertion stitch that will decorate your clothes well, it will be better to practice first with any fabric scraps before transferring the insertion stitch to your fabric project.

There are many part on clothes that you can use insertion stitches. You can use insertion stitches on the seams between contrasting bands, on any part of dresses or blouses, yokes, cuffs and collars, on the waist, mid arms. You can use it on any part of your dressmaking fashion project.


Insertion / Faggoting Machine



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