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Fairy Kei ~ 80s Pop & Pastel-Colored Japanese Fashion!

Updated on October 6, 2011

Sweet 80s Pop Culture-Infused Japanese Fashion! Pastels Everywhere!

Learn all about Fairy Kei! Want to revive your favorite trends from childhood, tie stuffed animals to your clothes, and put lots of poofy stuff in your hair? Of course you do!

If you were a young girl in the 80s or early 90s, everything you loved is back in full swing! Barbie, Care Bears, Lisa Frank, girly school supplies and brightly-colored sneakers are all hot Fairy Kei must-haves!

What is Fairy Kei?

Fairy Kei is a fashion subculture that started in Japan in the mid-2000s. It is similar to lolita, pop, and decora fashion. Distinctive elements are pastel colors, clothes and accessories from American 80s toy brands, leggings, t-shirts, and skirts in cute, pop pastel prints.

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Fairy Kei Brands


Official Site

Nile Perch

Official site


Official site

Angelic Pretty

Official site


Official Site

Must-have Clothing and Accessories

Pastel everything (especially lavender, pink, yellow, and mint green)

Tutus/Petticoats in pastel colors

Pastel colored and/or patterned tights/leggings

colorful, chunky sneakers

stuffed animals attached to hair, clothes, shoes, purse

large hair bows

big plastic jewelry

dip-dyed or dual colored wigs (pink and cream, pink and lavender, etc)

Fairy Kei Jewelry

Go shopping for adorable Fairy Kei adornments!

Pastel Unicorn Necklace

Cute Colorful Sweets Charms!

These colorful charms shaped like sweets and candy are way too cute! Add them to a necklace or bracelet for an instant DIY fairy kei accessory!

Shop for 80s Plastic Charms on eBay!

Do you remember these little plastic charms that you could collect and hook onto a big plastic chain? I had tons of them, and now they make great fairy key accessories!

Fairy Kei Hair Accessories

Dress up your hair with big poofy bows and candy clips!

Fuzzy Hairbow Elastics

You *have* to get a Caboodle to carry your accessories!

These are a fairy kei must-have! The pink x green ones are my favorite.

Fairy Kei Shoes

Pastel & Colorful Pop Sneakers

Popular 80s/early 90s Toys and Brands


Yum Yums

Care Bears

My Little Pony


Jem and the Holograms

Popular Anime

Creamy Mami

Creamy Mami is a great fairy kei fashion idol! Her pastel lavender hair and adorable fashion are so cute!

Sailor Moon

Popular Motifs

Stars/Shooting Stars

cute animals


ribbons and bows


Fairy Kei Links & Resources

Fairy Kei Flickr Group

Lots of gorgeous photos of coordinates, accessories, nails, stuffed animals, and more!

Fairy Kei Every Day

This is a great blog with lots of photos and fairy kei info. It's unfortunately not been updated in awhile, but the posts that are there are great!

Miseducated post on Fairy Kei

Lots of great photos in this article!

TokyoFashion post on Nile Perch

Amazing photos of Nile Perch's shop in Harajuku's Laforet mall!

La Carmina post on Nile Perch

La Carmina has tons of great posts about Japanese fashion!

Feel free to leave a comment!

Fairy Kei Fans!

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