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Fairy Makeup Fun and Inspiration

Updated on June 25, 2014

Fairy Makeup Ideas

The fairy theme continues to be extraordinarily popular, as the mystique of the wee-flying folk seems to always capture our imagination and delight us.

It seems they are everywhere in popular culture these days, including fairy art, fairy costumes, fairy films, fairy tattoos, and Gothic fairies, just to name a few.

And who can forget the most famous fairy of all: Disney's Tinkerbell, whom continues to thrill decades after being introduced to the public.

In this article we'll look at fairy makeup, which embodies a large number of different looks and fairy backgrounds, which we'll get into a little later in the article.

We'll also take a peek at several videos showing how to create different fairy makeup themes.

Fairy Makeup Variety

Fairy makeup extends to a lot of different looks, and sometimes unless you are told it's representing a fairy theme, you may not know it.

A large number of ladies make the decision to have their accessories determine the fairy look, with the makeup enhancing that. That can include a distinct number of pieces applied to the hair, as well as interesting hair styles.

Another element is the design of the makeup itself, which can appear just a little loud, while many others include the swirly lines and enhanced look, with all sorts of designs around the eyes and forehead.

Sometimes they have the appearance of the lines you would see in tribal tattoos.

Long, colorful eyelashes are another addition that let's you show your love for whimsical fairies.

We won't cover it in this article, but there are also those that enjoy exploring more of the dark fairy side, which can have a Gothic look, or a look with much darker makeup colors. Usually dark lipstick is part of the dark fairy look.

Rainbow Fairy Eye Makeup

This first example of fairy makeup is one of my favorites, represented by the long, luscious, colorful lashes, and the accompanying rainbow of colors, which flow mostly upwards, and a little downwards, giving the illusion you're looking at a real, mystical fairy.

Here we immediately see why it's so fun and playful to incorporate a fairy theme in to our makeup choices, as they're great for costume and Halloween parties, cosplay, and a few social situations catering to the unique.

The color choices, flow of the lines, dots, and the beautiful lashes make this an awesome fairy look.


Fairy Makeup Video Tutorials

We'll get back to some more fairy makeup looks in a moment, but when you're ready to experiment on yourself or a friend, here are several fairy video tutorials with a variety of choices you can make when deciding on a fairy makeup theme.

I included four completely different fairy tutorials to generate some awesome ideas for you, or maybe even give copying some of them a try.

Green Garden Fairy Makeup Look

Glitter & Ice Butterfly Fairy Makeup

Fairy Makeup

Snowflake Fairy Tutorial

Lavender Fairy Makeup and Head Piece

We talked earlier about the inclusion of an accessory or accessories will define the fairy look, and we have that hear with this lavender and purple eye makeup and head piece. You would never know this was a fairy theme without the complementary head piece, which is fantastic.

Such a different look than that colorful fairy.


Butterfly Wings Fairy Eye Makeup

Butterfly wings are a wonderful addition to the fairy makeup theme, or maybe we need to identify them as fairy wings, which is what they represent.

This is a great design, with the yellow and orange colors laid over the black wings. Not only are the wings exquisite, but the scrolling lines, along with the little dots, make this an amazing piece of makeup art.


Winter Fairy Silver Makeup

As you can see with this final fairy makeup sample, creating a fairy look is only limited to your imagination and inspiration, with the numerous colors and designs incorporated into the art, as shown in the makeup video tutorials and photos.

I like this last one with the little glimmer or glitter on the side of the head, accentuating the grayish, silver eye shadow. The spotted look on the forehead adds a little bit of a different feel to the fairy design, confirming the amazing creativity associated with the fairy theme.


Fairy Makeup Ideas

After taking a look at these amazing fairy makeup looks, it's easy to get inspired to get busy trying some of them out.

They're pretty, fun, and look great, and of course if a costume or other accessories are included, they result in a wonderful fantasy figure starring you or a loved one or friend.

Either way, fairy makeup designs definitely are attractive and generate a lot of interest and admiration from those getting to share in the experience.


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    • profile image

      Jazmin Lino 5 years ago

      This is soo pretty. I'm going to try the look from the Fairy Makeup video tutorial. Love the pink hues coupled with the blue and purple.

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 5 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      I had not heard of Fairy Makeup. This was fun to read!

    • ecomama profile image

      Jacquie The Underground Goddess 5 years ago from NC

      Beautiful hub!! I love Fairy Makeup!! I love makeup of any kind!! That is so cool! I would love to learn how to do that! voted up!

    • jengeurian profile image

      jengeurian 5 years ago from Elkhart, IN

      Thank you for a great hub. I might have to see if I can get my 3 year old to sit still for this at Halloween. She has already decided that she wants to be a fairy princess this year. It would be great if she would let me do the makeup like this for her.