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Fajas for an Hourglass Figure

Updated on October 7, 2012

Fajas: The Columbian Secret to a Sexy, Curvy Figure

Fajas originated in Columbia as a postoperative garment used after liposuction to reduce swelling and help tighten the skin. Certain fajas have even been used for weight loss. These extreme compression garments soon found their way into the closets of young, Latina women who loved the dramatic hourglass figure that fajas instantly create. It wasn't long after, that American women started to take notice. Then women all over the world became curious about fajas. Today, fajas are very popular among women of all ages and are even worn and endorsed by celebrities as their secret for an hourglass figure. Choosing the right faja, however, can be a daunting task since they come in a seemingly endless variety of shapes, styles, colors and compression strengths. In this lens, we'll discuss the most popular faja styles and what each one can do for you.

Waist-Cincher Faja
Waist-Cincher Faja

The Waist-Cincher Faja

The waist-cincher faja focuses on tightly bringing in the mid-section to produce a dramatic, hourglass silhouette. Most waist-cinchers start just below the breast and end right above the hips. The idea behind a waist-cincher is that by narrowing the belly, the hips and breasts appear fuller and a curvier figure is achieved.

As with all other styles of fajas, you can get a waist-cincher in a variety of compression strengths from light to maximum. They usually come in cotton, nylon, spandex, lycra and latex.

Faja Vest
Faja Vest

The Wear Your Own Bra, or Vest Faja

Vest fajas, also advertised as "wear your own bra" or "topless" fajas are compression vests that do not come with a built-in bra, allowing you to wear the bra of your choice underneath.

This style of faja focuses on shaping and controlling the belly, back and top of hips. It's below-the-chest design also aids in lifting and supporting the breasts from the bottom. A vest style faja, however, does not provide coverage for the derrière or thighs.

Short Body Suit Faja
Short Body Suit Faja

The Short Body Suit Faja

Short body suits are fajas that not only support the back and belly like the vest style, but also provide full hip and butt shaping. Short body suits are very popular because off their booty lifting features and because unlike full body suit fajas, they are short enough to be worn under tiny skirts.

The standard short body suit gives your natural buttocks a rounded, lifted effect. Some fajas however, are designed with discreet padding in the rear to create the illusion of a larger, fuller back-side.

Full Body Suit Faja
Full Body Suit Faja

The Full Body Suit Faja

As the name implies, full body suits provide coverage and shaping to the fullest extent. Just like the fajas listed above, a full body suit will shape your belly, back, hips and buttocks as well as lift and enhance your breasts. The main benefit to a full body suit faja however, is that it will tame and tighten your thighs.

If you tend to store extra weight in the thighs, a full body suit will give you the dimple-free, hourglass figure you've been looking for. It slenderizes the thighs, lifts the rear, smooths out back bulges, pulls in the belly and enhances the breasts. Yep, a full body suit pretty much tackles all the tough jobs in one product.

Recommended Fajas - Firm Compression Fajas on Amazon

I'm a little verklempt, talk amongst yourselves. - I'll give you a topic - which style of faja is the most flattering? Discuss!

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