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Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Updated on September 7, 2014

Find The Perfect Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Looking for cheap fake tattoo sleeves? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of cool designed tattoo sleeves with shirts, patterns, dragons, love, and many more styles! Need to cover up your tattoo sleeve? We've even got that covered for you! These are perfect accessories to fake being a BA for Halloween or any other party! These are fake tattoos that look real!

Psycho Slip Fake Sleeve - 5 Star Ratings

This is my ultimate favorite temporary tattoo sleeve because it is hot! The colors are bright and bold leaving other people second guessing themselves if it is real. This item is rated so highly that each reviewer on Amazon recommends them. This sleeve is a stretchy material that will be comfortable for your whole night. The best part about this, in my opinion is the price! Under $10 is a steal for high quality!

Popular Designed Sleeves For Men - Look Tough Wearing These

There's nothing better than having a sleeve that looks real and you completely shock your friends/family! All the items below I compiled are highly rated and have been reviewed by real customers on Amazon. Click through to see if they are the right ones for you.

Cheap Fake Tattoo Sleeves - Priced Right For People on a Budget

A great place to search for some sleeves is eBay, there are over 18,000 listings for them. The prices are great ranging from a couple cents to $20 and you can feel confident buying because they have their buyers protection program. That means if you feel you got ripped off, they will automatically refund your money. It's a win-win situation so check out some listings below.

Creative Flowers and Birds Sleeve - Beautiful flowered designs

Tattoo Sleeves - Birds and Flowers Adult Size Small
Tattoo Sleeves - Birds and Flowers Adult Size Small

This item is highly rated on Amazon with customers saying they were the hit of the party and that they look almost realistic. These are very comfortable and stylish for women.

Here's another version using flowers...


Fake Tattoo Sleeves For Women - Women look hot covered in tattoos, that's a fact.

As a woman myself, I have to say that tattoos are a girls best friend but sometimes you don't want them permanently because of jobs or just the fact they'll be there for the rest of your life. Below are your perfect solutions to having some realistic looking tats!

Temporary Tattoo Sleeves - Intimidating Skulls and Snakes

With some sleeves that are under $10, you can't beat the price. As you can see it has skulls and snakes wrapped around the arm for that "bad" boy look.

Cover Up Tattoo Sleeves - For when you have to hide your tattoos!

I know you probably have the coolest tattoo around on your arm but usually when you get a good paying job, they don't want to see them. I work at a school and the principal has a fit when he sees employees tats. The perfect solution are these tattoo cover-up sleeves that are reasonably priced and are not permanent!


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