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Fantastic Dinosaur Pajamas for Kids

Updated on November 21, 2013

These are the Best PJs for Boys... Ever!

Kids LOVE dinosaurs, right?

So they'll be more excited to put their jammies on if those jammies are covered with Tyrannosauruses, Triceratops, Stegosauruses, and other ancient animals with long, funny names.

You can find some delightful pajamas for boys with fun dino prints.

You'll have no trouble getting the kids into bed wearing these soft, comfortable, creature-covered sets.

Image Credit: crimfants at under a Creative Commons Licence

Here Are a Few Selections... - Young boys will truly enjoy learning about the dinosaurs on their nightwear!

There are pajamas here for the "littles" and the "little bit biggers." That is, for infants to toddlers to boys who are a bit older.

Dinosaur Friends Poster from Zazzle
Dinosaur Friends Poster from Zazzle

Don't You Just Love These Cute PJs?

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    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      Nice idea to teach lessons using the pjs as the text.

    • TemporaryTattoo1 profile image

      TemporaryTattoo1 5 years ago

      What a great lens about Dinosaur Pajamas, most little boys love Dinos I know I did when I was a little young Fella :)

    • LaurieKristensen profile image

      LaurieKristensen 5 years ago

      @mommytalks lm: Wow, you are right, Amazon has NOTHING in terms of dinosaur themed nightclothes for girls! I saw about 2 nightshirts for women, that's it!

    • mommytalks lm profile image

      mommytalks lm 5 years ago

      My 6 y.o. daughter wants to be a paleontologist and we regularly shop for dino gear in the boys section! She would love any of the above pj' - thx! Great lens!

    • stephiy profile image

      stephiy 5 years ago

      Cute lens! I love dino PJs for little boys :)

    • profile image

      dellgirl 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these Fantastic Dinosaur Pajamas for Boys. I like these, theyâre really cute!

    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 5 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      oh wow - can I get some dinosaur pajamas!