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Fashion for Men Over 50

Updated on September 7, 2013

Fashion Tips for Men Over 50


Youâre probably wondering if your clothes are still in style. Does it even matter? Youâre stuck at the age when it isnât quite appropriate to look like a frat boy and youâre not quite old enough to get away with wearing whatever you want. Your children are grown and have moved out of the house but you still have a few years until retirement.

What do you wear?

Go to the closet throw out the 70âs track suit you have secretly been hoping comes back in style, say goodbye to your favorite college T-shirt and take a few fashion tips that will leave your family wondering how you suddenly became such a stylish devil.

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I'm Here to Help

Who Am I to Give You Fashion Adice

I am the wife and daughter of two fashionably challenged men. My father is in his fifties. He insists on wearing gray tube socks with his shorts and has an entire closet filled with every T-shirt he has ever owned. My husband isn't quite in his 50's but I can see what his future has in store. He always leaves pens in his pockets when I do the laundry and sees no problem with wearing inked stained shorts. I have made it my mission to keep these two men in style. I do my best to buy them fashionable clothing for birthdays and holidays. Lord knows they wouldn't be caught dead reading a GQ magazine and both insist that they have worn the same size since high school. I'm not a fashion expert. I'm simply going to give you my advice as a woman.

Keep It Simple

Avoid the Trends

Fashion Faux Pas for Older Men

Yes, you want to keep an eye on today's fashion but some of the current trends are better left to the young and the bold. Most of the trendy, hip, clothing you see on TV and magazines are simply a fashion no no for mature men.

You don't want to look like you are stuck in the era you attended high school but you also want to look age appropriate.

You want to start building your wardrobe with simple articles of clothing that can be combined easily, worn on different occasion and won't go out of style quickly.

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Casual Wear

My husband is a fireman and my father is a welder so they aren't exactly suit and tie type of guys. They would prefer to lounge in denim shorts and T-shirts all day but I like them to clean up a little bit for family dinners and holidays.

Here are a few staples you can add to your wardrobe that are fashionable and casual.

Nautica Men's Striped Anchor Deck Polo Shirt
Nautica Men's Striped Anchor Deck Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are definitely my choice for a man's top. It is comfortable and casual but still much classier than a T-shirt. This shirt is available in six different colors and sizes Small-XX-Large.

Nautica Men's Sportswear True Khaki Flat Front Pant
Nautica Men's Sportswear True Khaki Flat Front Pant

Every man should own a nice pair of khakis. These are perfect for a date night with the wife or a casual business dinner. These pants are available in two different shades and sizes 33W X 30L-42W-32L

Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Jean Straight Leg,Dark Vintage Blue  (Closeout),36 x 30
Carhartt Men's Loose Fit Jean Straight Leg,Dark Vintage Blue (Closeout),36 x 30

Yes skinny jeans may be in style but trust me when I tell you to steer clear! Here is a great pair of loose fitting jeans that would look handsome on a man over 50.


Do You Need Some Inspiration - Want This Sexy Look

Fashion isn't always about the clothes you wear. Most of the time it is about the way you carry yourself. How confident are you in those wrangler jeans and white sneakers?

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We All Need a Role Model

Hollywood is full of fashion forward celebrities but every now we stumble upon the classics like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro that look great on and off screen.

Clothing for Special Occasions

Can You Really Wear the Same Suit to a Wedding and a Funeral - Wear Clothing That Fits You

I really love a classic black suit when it fits properly. It can easily be dressed up or down for any formal occasion. You can wear this suit with a crisp button up shirt and no tie, add a vest for a pop of color or wear the tie you were given last Father's Day to Easter service.

Brand New Men's Three Button Single Breasted Black Dress Suit (44 Regular)
Brand New Men's Three Button Single Breasted Black Dress Suit (44 Regular)

This black suit is available in over twenty different sizes. Use the sizing chart to order the perfect size for you. Take it to your local tailor to get that custom look.


Be Yourself

It's easy to fall victim to all of the advice you read in magazines and find online. My biggest fashion tip for you is to be yourself. Wear what makes you feel strong and confident and every now and than wear the nice shirt your daughter bought you for Christmas.

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What Are Your Fashion Tips for Men Over 50

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