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7 Fashion Rules that should be Broken

Updated on February 1, 2015

Why? Because rules are meant to be broken, that’s why! Society has a list of unwritten rules that somehow seem to exercise a powerful, limiting influence over many. Blame it on our deep-rooted desire for conformity or on our fear of being rejected by the rule-abiding majority, but we always meekly follow even the most implicit norms prevalent in our communities. The same irrational ‘mob mentality’ comes into play when we “follow trends.” It’s interesting because fashion trends aren’t really listed down in any legal document, nor are they carved in stone on some holy tablet somewhere; yet, most of us just know that we can wear this, or that we absolutely should not wear that.

Well ladies, it’s time we broke these baseless fashion stereotypes. It’s also time we realized that style is all about comfort so if you feel comfortable doing something, you must, for the love of all things holy and not so holy, go ahead and do it! What do we do about the sniggering and giggling and finger-pointing though? Absolutely nothing! Because it’s easy to follow the crowd, but it takes guts to swim against the tide and you should take pride in being one such gutsy soul. Here are 7 such fashion ‘rules’ that should be challenged. Can you pluck up the courage to go against the grain?

Bright Lipsticks and nail paints are only for the young: (Says who?)

As women age, they tend to gravitate towards subtle shades like browns and maroons. Now, if you genuinely like these shades, go ahead and keep flaunting them. But, if you’ve stopped applying reds and oranges because you think you’ve ‘passed the age,’ you really need to stop buying into this age-related nonsense. Bright, bold shades are for everyone and if you like them, you have every right to apply them.

When selecting red lipsticks, the only thing you must keep in mind is to choose a shade that complements your skin tone. L’Oreal Paris offers the Color Riche Pure Reds lipstick collection that presents 7 luscious shades of red lip colours. Get a shade that suits your skin tone and flaunt your gorgeous red pout!

Image courtesy: purplelines
Image courtesy: purplelines

Too many prints spoil the look: (Nah!)

Wearing prints on prints is feared universally because we don’t want to end up looking like fashion disasters. Well, it’s time this rule is re-written as wearing a mix of prints is cool. In fact, it looks chic and trendy. What you require here, more than good fashion sense, is oodles and oodles of confidence. When your head is held high, almost anything you wear looks great!

Image courtesy: pinterest
Image courtesy: pinterest

Above 50? Go short. (No way!)

Our skin may not reveal our age, neither will our physique or fashion sense, but our hairstyle lets the cat out of the bag. And why is that? That’s because the moment a woman crosses 50, she feels an irrational need to go short. One understands that there are several hair problems to deal with, but instead of chopping your hair, why not focus on deep conditioning and caring for your hair. It’s really not impossible, nor improper for an elderly woman to sport Lady Godiva-esque hair.

Image courtesy: dnaindia
Image courtesy: dnaindia

Socks and shoes (Nope, it can be sandals too!)

Women would rather go bare feet than wear the dreaded socks and sandals combination. Most of us think it looks hideous, others probably find the combination comfortable, but are too embarrassed to admit it, let alone wear it. But, now is the time to turn the tables and pair socks with sandals instead of shoes. This way, your feet can stay protected and you don’t have to worry about those cracks and scars showing!

Image courtesy: pinterest
Image courtesy: pinterest

Glitter is only for evening wear (Huh?)

I still can’t understand why people reserve glittery items for after sunset! Glitter is pretty and looks great anytime, anywhere. As a matter of fact, the sunrays will reflect off your glimmering dress and create a dazzling effect. A real treat to the eyes, I say! So, don’t shy away from wearing that glittery outfit during the day. If you want to tone things down, wear accessories and shoes in subtle hues and go easy on your makeup.

Image courtesy: pinterest
Image courtesy: pinterest

Black and navy blue, not so cool (Why not?)

Black and navy blue are both dark colors and sometimes, it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two. That’s probably why most people refrain from wearing both colors together. However, this doesn’t mean that this combination doesn’t look great. In fact it looks quite elegant. Also, since they are both dark hues, they’re sure to make you look thinner too!

The same rule applies to brown and black. Here again, don’t hesitate to sport this combination as it can make you look sophisticated and professional.

Image courtesy: pinterest
Image courtesy: pinterest

Long dresses aren’t for short girls:

Rumour has it that long dresses make short girls look even shorter. The truth is quite the opposite, because well-fitting long dresses can actually make you look tall. The trick is to wear dresses that fit well (loose-fitting, frumpy dresses should be avoided) and even short girls can look really stylish in these floor-grazing maxis!

Image courtesy: sazan_me
Image courtesy: sazan_me

Well, ladies, these were the 7 fashion ‘rules’ that I think need to be broken. However, there may be many such style edicts out there that can dampen your sense of style. Don’t buy into these restrictive decrees. Just turn up your confidence and go out there and sport whatever you think makes you look beautiful, after all, the only person who has the right to tell you what works for you and what doesn’t, is you! So, stay confident, stay original and stay stylish!

For more style tips, fashion advice and easy-to-do makeup tutorials, check out this blog: Get the Look


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Throw the rules out. I'm in my mid-40s and don't have plans to cut my hair. I won't be wearing socks with sandals though but it's a personal thing.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great ideas and I learned about what works for me thank you.


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