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Dress well for the big girls – slim down tummy and look beautiful

Updated on October 28, 2011

Bigger girls are always self conscious about their size. However, big girls should embrace their bodies and let their personalities shine through. Being confident is a big issue for many plus sized women. A lot of times, they cannot find the appropriate clothing that flatters their shape. Sometimes they wear the wrong type of clothing that does the opposite of what they intended. This hub gives a list of fashion pointers to big girls to dress well.

  1. No horizontal stripes – For a bigger girl, horizontal stripes will make you look even bigger

  2. Do dark (black) pants – Black pants are very good at making you look slimmer and they are classic as well.

  3. Do A-line skirts – You can rock A-line skirts as long as they cover the tummy area.

  4. Do minimizing bras – Many bigger girls have very big busts. Although bigger breasts are very desirable, sometimes it can make you look extra plus size. A smaller bust can make your whole body look smaller and slimmer.

  5. Tummy control underwear – These can really work magic for bigger girls by slimming down the tummy area.

  6. No skinny jeans – Skinny jeans are very tricky to wear for girls on the bigger side. In general, you want to stay away from skinny jeans if you don't want to expose your legs too much.

  7. Do wear slacks – Black slacks that are not too tight can help you shed weight instantly. You can pair it with a loose satin top and look fabulous.

  8. Do wear heels – Heels make you look taller. By appearing taller, you will be able to look slimmer as well.

  9. Do wear boot cut or flare jeans – These two types of jeans are more appropriate for plus sized girls. The flare can easily offset a big hip.

  10. Use light and dark colors to flatter your body – Highlight your strength through lighter colors and hide your body parts that are big using dark colors. Light and dark colors contrast so that it can create a very good illusion for bigger girls.

  11. Do buy your size – Clothes that fit will look good on you. Too small will accentuate the bulge. Too loose looks like you are pregnant or even bigger.

  12. Cinched the waist – It is wise to not give other people the big all over feeling. Let them know that you have curves.

  13. Hide your upper arms with loose short sleeves – Tops or dresses that have loose short sleeves effectively hide your big arms and make them look very slim.

  14. Use black tights under dress or skirt – Black clothing slims down everybody. When wearing a dress or skirt, only show the lower legs. Most bigger women have relatively skinnier lower legs. Slim it more with black tights or leggings to give the illusion of several sizes smaller.

  15. Don't wear light colored pants – Light colored pants are really hard to pull off. In general, only runway models look good in it. You have to be super slim and tall to pull that off. So, a bigger woman will look gigantic if she attempts it.


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