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My Collections Fashionable and Trendy Bracelets

Updated on September 15, 2015

Where Will You Wear Yours?

Bracelet is a luxury, for fashion styling, to make you feel good and confident. There are many other reasons why a person would want to wear a bracelet. It's an accessory worn around your wrist. It could be made of strings, plastics, stones, shells, metal, iron, and precious diamonds. It comes in various designs. It is adjustable, where some comes with a hook at the end of the strip to hook them up together on your wrist. Some are bangles or Chodi. The hard round shape circulating your wrist. I had my first when i was about 8 years old, it was jade bangle from my mom. I was soooooo happy to wear it. It was brownish and reddish. I wore it and did not remove it until it chipped all over.Above Image are self-taken aka dimplez collection

The Dull Days - Blue Flower Bracelet. Elegant Blue.

Then came to secondary school aka high school but we were not allowed to wear any accessories other than a watch and normal plain earring stud. So accessories and fashion styling was totally out of the question.This is one of my favorite colors, Light Blue. Not a striking color and not an eye saw, perfectly nice to be look at. The design came with tiny blue stones arranged into a flower design petals. I have no idea what stone it's made of, but it seems to flash alittle in the light at certain angles. Just like those cats eye stones but I definitely know it's not cats neither tigers. Another great thing about this bracelet was the length is adjustable.

Diamond Bracelet


A whole bracelet of Diamond?? It's sparkling like diamonds. Looks like it's about 0.20 carats each. OoOoo, wait a minute. The truth, it's not made of diamonds but glass. It's amazing, isn't it? it was sparkling at every angle just like a beautiful cut diamond. This was from Venice, the glass factory.If you have a black dress ready for some awesome event, this bracelet would take up the shine with you.

White Pearl with Diamonds

Pearls n' Diamond

Another costume jewelry, the white pearls and diamond, its looks really elegant. So pure, so white, so so beautiful. I'm out of words. Having a wedding to attend or a dinner event? What should you wear to fit those white light color dresses? You got it, it's this white pearl bracelet.

Classic Jade. The Greens

The great news was after secondary and you have freedom in college. Here is a green look alike jade bracelet; it was a gift by a friend before her wedding as I was helping her out on her wedding. If you are going for a dinner wearing a Chinese traditional clothes, this green bracelet would be the matching add -on for you. Classic traditional style.Another bracelet design with tiny jade stones all around on a thread. This design is adjustable as the thread can be pulled longer or shorter to fit your wrist instantly. When in the world could I wear this? Maybe for daily style.


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