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Beauty Hacks: How to Put Together an Outfit

Updated on May 16, 2020
Meryam El Makhloufi profile image

Hey everyone, my name is Meryam, i like writing articles, i hope you like them.

Body Shapes & How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Hi guys how's it going I hope you're all having a wonderful day so far, today's article is going to be talking about, building basics the time capsule wardrobe series, this new one is just gonna be about basics in general and the very first one today is going to be about your body shape and dressing for your body shape.

Let's get into it your body shape, basically it refers to your curves and your measurements, so your bust, your waist and your hip measurements.You can pretty much figure out your shape based on which of those areas your body holds the most weight.

Today we are going to be covering five different body shapes, I'm sure there are a zillion more because, let's face it no two people have the exact same body but the five that I'm going to be covering are:

  1. The pear shape this is what I personally am this basically means that your hip measurements are a lot wider than your bust and your waist, so your bottom heavy and you have thicker thighs or wider hips.
  2. The apple body, shape and the apple shape, means that your waistline isn't as defined and you have more of a round silhoette, typically this means that your bust your waist and your hip measurements are very similar and you carry most of your weight in your torso.
  3. The straight slash rectangle body shape, this means that you have little, or no waist definition your bust, your waist and your hips are very similar, and your silhouette is pretty well straight.
  4. The inverted triangle, which is pretty much the opposite of the pear shape, meaning that you hold most of your weight in the bust area.
  5. The hourglass shape,this means that your bust and your hip measurements are around the same size,your waist is smaller and more.

We've defined some of the different body shapes, why does this matter ?

Basically the human eye is naturally drawn to symmetry and symmetrical things, so if you can figure out which body shape you are, then you can figure out how to visually balance out your outfit basically making it seem like everything is more symmetrical.

Next,we are going to go through each of the different body shapes, and then give you some suggestions on clothing that can wear really well setup body type.First I just wanted to mention something to keep in mind things like color darker colors like blacks, they tend to minimize the appearance of things, where as brighter colors, tend to maximize the appearance of things, and also things like patterns and details those can also maximize the appearance of things, like ruffles or pockets in certain areas, so just be very conscious of things, like that if you're only interested in hearing about your specific body type.

We are going to start with a pear shape, with a pear shaped body, you ideally want to balance out your upper half since you are a little bit more bottom heavy, so some items that can work really well for you, include things like patterned or brighter colored tops, off the shoulder styles,maybe something with some ruffles darker colored bottoms, or a line skirts.

Next up, for the Apple shape.Typically you're gonna want to focus on 0things that are gonna define your waistline, to give you that visual symmetry,some items that can work really well on your body type, include things like belts that help bring in your waistline something like a wrap dress, maybe some deeper necklines longer flowing skirts wider leg bottoms or bottoms with patterns or details going on.

With a straighter or rectangle body shape, you typically want to create a little bit of dimension with your clothing, so items that can work really well for your buddies type include "Parham" style pants tops with gathered waist some oversized shirts, or blouses with details maybe around the shoulders,or something like that.

With the inverted triangle shape, you're trying to visually balance out your bottom since you are a little bit more top-heavy, so items that can't work really well for your body type, include things like autumns with patterns or details maybe a wide leg pants, a line skirts, tops that are peplum,style or v-neck style tops just items like that.

And then lastly, with the hourglass shape, some items that can work really well for your body type, wrap style dresses, v-necks, fittedjackets and blazers pens skirts and mid or high-rise pants that is pretty.

Hopefully you found this article helpful, thank you.

Women's body shapes.



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